Helsinki, Central Finland, FIN


Wonuwali was founded in 1998 by N'Fanly Camara and Outi Kallinen. Explosive percussion rhythms, beautiful love songs and skillful dancers are best seen on stage!
This energetic African-Finnish group performes their traditional rhythms and dances from West-Africa, mainly Guinea. Instruments such as balafons, djembes, gongomas and krins together with songs bring you to the origins of rhythm.
Arrangements and choreographies are by Camara/Kallinen and group's artistic leader is N'Fanly Camara.


Segine 2004 (Wonuwali)

Set List

Djembe drums (3-5)
Dundun (sangban, kenkeni) drums (7)
Balafons (2)
Krin drums (5)
Microphones (suggestions):
8 x Shure 58 (or some can be headsets) for vocals
10 x Sennheiser 421 for drums and balafons
2 AKG 414 in front of the stage
4-5 monitors.

Partly acoustic set is ok in small spaces, or the use of more overhead microphones instead of mics for each drum.