Woodbelly is the ultimate combination of reggae, blues, jazz, funk, ska, rock, and pop. With fat thumping bass lines, a clean pocket groove drumbeat, and unmatched soulful vocals, this band always leaves the audience wanting more.


...Woodbelly combines experience, education, and natural ability with a wide list of influences to create their original sound, like Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, NOFX, The Beatles, James Brown, and all the jazz, blues , and motown greats.

...In under 4 short years, Woodbelly has managed to build a resume that is both respectable and wild...including travelling support for national acts, cross country trips for private shows, television appearances and theme songs, many festivals, and much more...

...they have shared the stage with the likes of Burning Spear, Blues Traveler, Jurassic 5, 2 Live Crew, The Slackers, Rebirth Brass Band, Paranoid Social Club, Tim Reynolds, Jimmy Chamberlain, Bob Schneider, Something Corporate, Zox, The Rocket Summer, David Garza, Matt Wertz, Mofro, Mingo Fishtrap, Tribal Nation, and many more...

...also performing in festivals such as Shiner Bash 03, Taste of Dallas 04+06, Greenville Ave. St. Patty's Day Parade 05+06, Plano Balloon Fest, Grapefest, Deep Ellum Arts Fest, and many more...

...the adventures have been many, from driving to Sante Fe, NM to play a friends wedding in the desert...to actually placing second in the Fox 4 "Good Day" Contest and the producers and writers of the song called us back in to record our version anyway ( that promo ran for over a year and a half...and may still be )...we can't forget the Fox 4 Christmas special...to piling 6 people in a Tahoe towing a Uhaul over 6000 miles , 11 stops from New York to Florida back to New York with Something Corporate and The Rocket Summer...having too much fun...making too many fans...making too many friends...we will be back east coast hang on...and watch out world...

Woodbelly has a musical laureate on bass, a mad jazz cat on drums, and the greatest undiscovered vocal talent around with a natural ability to make the hooks...a sound that blends the roots of music with an unforgettable pop appeal...a truly unique booty shaking time...

...and they are showing no signs of stopping...



Written By: Cas Haley / Seth Morley

Me aint got no money,
and I'm all alone,
live in a one room shack,
and I'm always stoned...
said I''ll try tommorrow,
like I did today,
and if it don't work out,
I will be ok...

Everyday...I sit around and play...
a little bit...a little bit...
evryday I sit around and play a little

Bill collectors calling,
five times a day,
they got me runnin' and hidin',
cause I can't pay,
I''ll try tommorrow,
like I did today,
and if it don't work out,
I will be ok...


I Loved You All Along

Written By: Cas Haley / Seth Morley

Baby...baby please believe me,
I know you don't really need me,
Baby...you don't have to tell me,
I know you do not need me,

You told me you loved me,
And it was I that was wrong,
you told me you loved me,
and it was I...I that was wrong,

You know I loved you all along,
you know I loved you all along,
you know I loved you all along...

Maybe baby I misunderstand you,
I don't want to keep and to have you,
Maybe baby you misunderstand me,
I wanna love you and you to love me...


Movin' On

Written By: Cas Haley / Seth Morley

Maybe the words you say aren't good enough,
why do the days slip away without a trace,
the things you do are driving me insane,
I look in your eyes and see an empty space...an empty space,

I feel like somethings going on,
I feel like somethings wrong,
I feel like somethings going on,
I feel like movin' on...

The truths coming out,
what's this about,
how I feel,
what can I do to make you refuse your love for me,
I'm losing my mind, I'm outta time,
I gotta get away,
see you, so long, bye-bye, come back another day,



Feel The Wood EP
Feel More Wood EP
Woodbelly (self-titled) LP
Could This Be Better (in production - release 06) LP

Set List

Set List - 75% originals - over 60 original songs
25% covers - over 20 cover songs

Set Length - 1 for 1.5 hr, 2 for 1 hr ea., 3 for 45 min ea.

Covers - Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh,
Blues standards, Police, Jazz standards,
Sublime, and many more...