Woodbine Falls

Woodbine Falls


We are 5 highly trained musicians of various disciplines merging together to create new sounds. Woodbine Falls has elements of classical, jazz, rock and roll, and experimental music. Our aim is to lure listeners in with catchy hooks and grooves, then challenge all expectations.


The atypical, and powerfully emotive sounds of Woodbine Falls draw from the many rivers of influence that comprise it. Represented within are the varied worlds of classical, jazz, blues and rock, combined with an experimental twist. This confluence produces sounds that are flowing and entrancing, with a roaring under current of crashing force.

New York City based, Woodbine Falls' unique instrumentation makes for a broad tonal palette. The sultry and distinctive vocals have shades of folk and jazz. The electric guitar stylings are classical in technique and sensibility, with a strong root in blues. With dazzling concert soloist virtuosity, the flute spins out unheard colors and effects. The gravitational pull of the up-right bass and drums set the grooves and keep it all grounded.


"Chase the Blue" self released single 2012
"Woodbine Falls" self released EP 2012