Woodcock Group

Woodcock Group

 Belgrade, Central Serbia, SRB

Fresh music and improvisational ideas composed by young musicians, as a mixture of jazz, world classical and modern music


In the spring of 2009 Aleksandar Jovanovic founded the "Woodcock Group", a band that performs original music, exploring jazz, folk, classical music, and applying all of its own expression and comprehension. The first performance was more important when the band in "Umbria Jazz Balcanic Windows" Festival 2009 in Belgrade, in competition of 28 bands from all over south-eastern Europe, listed in the top six best young jazz band in this part of Europe. Then the "Woodcock Group" held the first public concert. After that the band started touring, playing at clubs, squares and jazz festivals. Woodcock Group performs in various ensembles, and the most common formation is a trio. The trio makes Aleksandar Jovanovic Schljuka – piano/keyboards, Marko Fabry – electric bass, and Aleksandar Cvetkovic – drums. Through the band have gone through saxophonist Bojan Vukelic, drummer Miodrag Miki Milovanov, and bassist Ivan Maksimovic. The band currently performs music from the first album "Water Stories" which was inspired by water as an intelligent appearance in different forms, released by Sunset Records/Sunset Jazz Recordings, New York…


"Water Stories" CD and EP, Sunset Jazz Recordings, New York