Wooden Eye

Wooden Eye

 Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

Wooden Eye is Country, Roots and Americana. Juicy Slide Guitar blended with Country-Blues Harmonica, served up with a side of Twang.


Wooden Eye has garnered praise for their seamless blend of blues, rock 'n' roll, folk and country since the release of their debut "Don't Ask" in the summer of 2008. With over 70 years of musical experience between them, guitarist Bob Halperin and harp player Mike "Bullfrog" Rogers, whose chemistry, according to Matt Kanner of The Wire, "can light up a room with magnesium sparks", draw from the best of what American roots music has to offer, intertwining country and blues to produce a sound that is as beautifully sublime as it is gritty and nasty. Filling out the bottom, the rhythm section of Dan MacLellan and Joe Rogers brings the swing of The Band and the drive and thud of the best Chess Records sides to Wooden Eyes sound. This tight quartet extracts the best of American music, "deftly welding their amassed experience" to create something special.

With the release of their CD, "Spare Parts, Cans and Bottles", the band has really stepped it up a notch and they are showing clear signs that they are here to stay. As one critic put it, "Wooden Eye has gelled into a musical force to be reckoned with and shouldn't be missed".

Bob Halperin is best known for his solo work. He has had a career that spans more than 30 years. Bob studied with the Reverend Gary Davis, and was a regular at "The Idler" in Cambridge, MA in the 1970's. When Bob picks up that Baritone Guitar, and digs out his slide, the rattlesnakes sit up and take notice.

Mike "Bullfrog" Rogers has been a professional musician most of his life. Heavily influenced by the great Sonny Terry, Bullfrog has his own blend of Country and Blues harp that translates to both electric and acoustic styles. Bullfrog started his professional career at the side of Balladeer and Poet Laureate, John Perrault, in 1968.

Dan MacLellan has been playing the Boston Metro area for the past 30 years. Playing everything from top 40 to fusion, Dan's wide experience gives him a great musical sense. This makes him the perfect bottom end to Wooden Eye.

Joe Rogers, son of Bullfrog, has been playing most of his life. He cut his teeth in the New England club scene in the 1980's. He's played everything from swing to hard core punk. Joe is also the engineer and producer of Wooden Eye's 'Don't Ask' CD, as well as engineer and co-producer along side producer Brett Hartenbach of the band's 'Spare Parts, Cans and Bottles' CD.

Wooden Eye are available for both Electric and Acoustic shows. Let us know what your needs are and we can accommodate whatever your audience and venue might be.


Don't Ask - July, 2008
Spare Parts, Cans and Bottles - June 2010

Set List

Wooden Eye can play anything from Concerts to Full-night club gigs. We do original material, covers, and traditional songs.

Song List

The Shape I’m In - The Band
King Of The North - Nathan Bell
Get Down River - Bottle Rockets
Lie No Better - Delbert McClinton
Milk Of Human Kindness - Procol Harum
Hobo’s Lullaby - Woody Guthrie
You’re So Fine - The Falcons
Mind Your Own Business - Hank Williams
Further On - Taj Mahal
High Heel Sneakers - Stevie Wonder
Pretty Little Angie - Bottle Rockets
Texas Flood - Roomful Of Blues
Smokin’ & Drinkin’ - Alan Whitney
Random Canyon - Dave Van Ronk
Five Pound Bass - Robert Earl Kean
Breakfast In Bed - Wooden Eye
Seacoast Rag - Wooden Eye
Green, Rocky Road - Trad.
American Dream - Wooden Eye
John The Revelator - Trad.
Downtown Girl - Wooden Eye
Bootleg Rum-Dum Blues - Blind Blake
All Downhill - Lyle Lovett
I Got Wise - Wooden Eye
Down In The Alley - Jesse Stone
Joshua - Trad.
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