Wooden Ghost

Wooden Ghost

 Birmingham, England, GBR

Heavy guitars and dynamic drumming set the stage for endless melodies and swift time changes - that leave the listener, and live audiences swirling.


Wooden Ghost is the crossing point where the pavement turns to the gravel road.
These Brooklyn based musicians have finished a new full length Album and are issuing a challenge to the music industry, it's critics and pedagogues, and it's right in the title...
'True Gold Does Not Fear the Refiners Fire'. Heavy guitars and dynamic drumming set the
stage for endless melodies and swift time changes that leave the listener, and live
audiences swirling.
A multi-instrumentalist in the studio and on stage, Brent Cole composed and
recorded his first 3 original EP's as Ask the Dust, finding inspiration in musicians
spanning several genres, including: J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., Neil Young and Built to Spill.
Continuing to record and perform with such New York City luminaries as Dufus,
The Moldy Peaches and several others, Brent placed Wooden Ghost in the driver's seat,
entering the studio in the fall of 2002 to record their debut album.
Wooden Ghost features the soaring lead guitar of Scott Loving and thunderous
drumming of Michael Napolitano, long time friends and collaborators. The true live
(and recorded) sound was solidified with the melodic bass of Mark Ospovat, also WG's
Engineer in the studio. Lyrically reflective, rhythmically bold, Brent has a hand in the
engineering of the band's sound and brings his experience of performing in front of global
audiences to the table.
Wooden Ghost has released THREE full-length albums and two collaborative split vinyl recordings.
In addition, the band has independently organized their own tours in both the United Kingdom and
throughout the North East. Critics in the United States and abroad consistently praise the sound
of Wooden Ghost.


Chemical Warfare

Written By: Wooden Ghost

How does it feel to have no feelings?
you wouldn't know and i shouldn't be asking

They put that shit inside your head
it seems like noone cares
It comes in waves
you're wide awake
but with a blank stare
God damn when did it all go wrong
Pharmacies promote chemical warfare

It's hard to be alone
nothing passes by but time
I don't like what I see
I hate your new disguise
this is your moment of truth
they put a fucking pharmacy inside you

Chemical Warfare!

World Keeps Turning

Written By: Brent Cole

The world keeps turning and it won't leave me out of it
i tried to hold on
but the world just spun way too fast for me
too much time to think makes thought go astray makes thoughts get strange

I'm coming to you
but you ain't waiting
I'm asking you to prove
but you never do
you never do

The world keeps turning...

Dangerous Game

Written By: Brent Cole

It's a dangerous game that we play
when we go chasing cars that way
gonna catch us some day

They could never get between you and me
a thousand miles feels like three feet

It's never too late to change your name
don't be ashamed from where you came
it's okay we've all been there before
be careful what you wish for

It'a a dangerous game


"True Gold..."NEW RELEASE 2007! Limited Edition Gold Embossed Covers/ ENHANCED CD with VIDEO for 'World Keeps Turning'. Out NOW on Ex-'Cuse Records...
"No Minute Gone Comes Ever Back Again..." our first full length recording, released on CD in 2003 by Tuolumne Records of NYC.
"Looking Back Without Turning Back" our second full length recording, released in 2004 as a CD-R by Tuolumne.
"An Animal" a split 7"(vinyl!!) released late 2004 with Huggabroomstick of NYC.
"Wooden Ghost/Lionshare" our second (maybe last!) 7" split with Cambridge, UK based Lionshare, released in late 2004.
"Ask the Dust" ( instrumental home recordings 1999-2002) re-released on CD-R in early 2005.
"Resurrect" 4 song e.p. self-released on CD-R in early 2006.

Set List

A typical set would be 30-40 minutes of blistering energy. Occasionally covers of artists like Black Sabbath, the Cure, and
Metallica, our set is often only originals ranging from the first release('no minute gone...') to the newest release ('True gold...').
A set list would look like this;
Fed in the End
World Keeps Turning
Chemical Warfare
Manmade Object
Silver Medalist
Don't Try
Water Overhead
Wrecking Ball
Break the Earth