Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Woodenmouth is intentionally different: whether it's the chord arrangements, structure or the subject matter of the song, it is inspired, contrived, and arranged to have indeterminate genre flavors mixed together for cumulative sonic emotional stimulation while circumnavigating stylistic climates.


Since the formation of Woodenmouth in 2008, we continue to bring our various favorite influences together to generate surplus power for the musical grid. We love to write, and we love to perform, and we love the ever changing sonic loom where we construct our temporary edifices. Coming from different musical backgrounds has benefited us in every way, from our influences to our employment of musical theory to do battle against the tropes of the day. Influenced by Post-Rock [Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky] sometimes, and Vintage Rock [Talking Heads, Supertramp] other times, met with tastes from current Indie Rock [Menomena, Sufjan Stevens] blended with each of our pasts spent with Punk, Prog, Electronica, even Rockabilly lending the influential currency to the bank of Woodenmouth. Thus, we make our deposits and withdrawals as often as our physical investment will allow. Structurally inventive with a courageous tendency to surpass the common three to five minute song limitation, our songs are a never-ceasing exploration of musical mechanisms.


Nywe Lang Syne

Written By: Jason Dawson

When we fell off the port bow

no one yelled ‘man-overboard’.

We’ve never been able to sort out how

or what, or which way is back to shore

It’s a good thing our heads are hollow

It’s a good thing our hearts are made of wood

It’s a good thing everything around here is so shallow

We’ve got time to float until we’re any good

I’m so sorry all the time is a bad way to be

‘Don’t Forget’ is not something we take lightly

We’ve been the pages that fell out of the book

that won’t be noticed when the story gets read

but we’ll be the ones who will know where to look

when the cast of characters are Lang Syne dead

It’s a good thing our heads are blank pages

It’s a good thing that hearts write so sublime

It’s a good thing this has gone on for ages

Or else I’d feel like this is a waste of time

I’m sorry all the time is a bad way to be

‘Don’t Forget’ is not something we take lightly


Woodenmouth releases 'grief. good grief.' electronically on November 17th, 2010, and on CD February 26, 2011.

Recordings from the debut album are available for listening on myspace.com/woodenmouth

The album 'grief. good grief.' is played regularly on local Memphis radio station WEVL.

Set List

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Nywe Lang Syne