Wooden Waves

Wooden Waves

 Buffalo, New York, USA

While surfing through the dark of the ocean floor, a strange, luminescent creach lets you trail it, guiding your glide. You are surprised to see it has brought you to a pizza party. Strange, yes, but what fun!? Where would you rather be? Cue the music and eat up.


Wooden Waves began sometime between November of 2008 and June of 2009. From Joey, Nikki, Billy, and myself writing quiet, mildly-warped pop tunes in my tiny living room to the 4 of us in Sonny's tiny living room, playing to Jeremy's ever-rhythmic video mixing splattered across the wall, Sonny banging the drums until his glasses hung from his face.

We were writing music that sometimes sounded like it was rolling over itself, like waves, so we called ourselves Wooden Waves. But also like the fake prop-waves of old theater and film. And also like big giant slides to laugh your way down and half-pipes to skateboard on. See? ~ Ray


Sunscreen Test - A collection of recordings from various shows and rehearsals, released late April of 2010

TBA - Full-length due out summer 2010