The song comes first rock you can tell comes from Texas.


Woodeye originally formed in Ft. Worth, Tx around 1997 as a trio (w/ drummer Eric Salisbury) as an outlet for Carey Wolff's boozy songs of love lost, gained, and lost again. They were soon joined by Scott Davis. His jangly guitar chops and good old fashioned fine musicianship immediately became an integral part of the band's sound.

After some tinkering here and there, and a Spinal Tap-like ability to go through drummers, Woodeye's current line-up (Wolff, Davis, bassist Graham Richardson, and drummer Kenny Smith) solidified in 2001.

Everyone in Woodeye will claim a myriad of influences: the wordplay of Peter Himmelman, to the snottiness of The Replacements; the pop songcraft of Tom Petty, to the bluster of The Afghan Wigs. And all of this is couched in a deep respect for the long tradition of the Texas singer/songwriter.

With their late 2003 independent release of "...such sweet sorrow", Woodeye is primed and ready to break free of being Ft. Worth's best kept secret.


Hock; ep; 1997; independent

Two For Flinching; lp; 1999; independent

...such sweet sorrow; lp; 2003; independent

Set List

Our typical set is anywhere from one to two hours. They consist almost entirely of our originals. Covers include "Can't Hardly Wait" (The Replacements), "Country Feedback" (R.E.M.).