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Calgary, Alberta, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Riff rockers unveil debut, while bigger plans brew"

CALGARY — “It’s all about the riff.”

So says Turner Midzain, guitarist and lead vocalist of Calgary riff rockers Woodhawk.

“We wanted to create something riffier, heavier, that we weren’t doing with our previous project.”

Founded by Midzain and bassist/vocalist Mike Badmington after their previous project Shotgun Dolls separated, Woodhawk was a natural step forward for the long-time friends. After starting out with a previous drummer, a lineup change brought Meishka Corrigan, who also does vocals, into the mix.

“We had done some recording together, and he had some good input, and he liked what we were doing, and we liked what he did,” explains Midzain.

When asked about song creation, Midzain quickly responds, “It always starts with the riff… Myself or [Badmington] come up with a riff, it’s all just jammed out. The song wouldn’t get to the finish point without every member.”

He continues, “I think everyone has input into everything. No one is afraid to speak their mind.”

Ultimately, though, “We let the song write itself.”

“[Badmington] and I come from very similar classic rock, blues kind of background… He taught me how to play guitar,” explains Midzain. “[Corrigan] differs the most from us, but I think that’s for the best. We wouldn’t sound the way we do. He’s taken to the stoner rock drumming a lot more… But he still puts his own spin on things.”

The similarities are direct.

“We all connect on the same four bands: Thin Lizzy, Priestess, The Sword and Black Sabbath. And that’s all eras of Black Sabbath… We consistently argue about Ozzy as a singer. I think that’s probably where the band really started. Arguing over Sabbath… At the end of the day there’s a lot of Sabbath at the roots.”

Conversation shifts to their live performance, and what their focus is onstage.

“Don’t mess up,” is the immediate (half joking) answer.

“No one plays drunk! …Save it all for later,” he says. “We work really hard on making sure the technical parts are tight.”

He concludes, “I think the mentality is just have fun. Don’t mess up, and have fun. If you’re having a good time, maybe it will show.”

At their last show, the unofficial album release party at Nite Owl, this was definitely the case.

“There is no stage. It’s floor level. There were people just as far back as I could see… That’s one of my favourite (shows) for sure,” he enthuses.

Woodhawk released their self-titled six-track debut album on Halloween. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brad Taylor, the album aptly displays the bands love for groove stoner rock. Available at many online sources, including Bandcamp and Grooveshark, they hope to have it pressed on vinyl soon.

Now that the album is released, Woodhawk has many more plans, including “a few out-of-town dates, for weekends and stuff, are [going to] come in the new year, and then we’re [going to] start pre-production on new stuff in February. So hopefully we can have a new album out by next fall, if not next summer.”

Not to mention their appearance at Stoner Rock Guy’s annual Hair Christmas gig, where they fit right in with the thunderous lineup.

Here’s to a few, here’s to a few more! - Beatroute

"Edler, Chron Goblin & Woodhawk at The Palomino"

CALGARY — Packing a bang more potent than a brisket basted in Monster Energy Drink, this sold-out Saturday night affair attracted the usual suspects, despite the dipping mercury, to celebrate general manager Arlen Smith’s birthday. And what better way to pay homage to the painted-pony’s resident pit-king than with a basement party complete with legendary psych-rock outfit Elder?

Calgarian riff-riders Woodhawk kicked off the proceedings, hitting all the gritty notes with their raucous roadhouse metal. Propane and Jack flowed freely as the golden western trio woke all them witches with their thematic rock fury.

Next up, Chron Goblin proved, once again, that they know how to fit any audience right into their pocket. Exceptional musicianship was displayed in the presence of their headlining idols; an attentive crowd calling for more of pneumonia-plagued singer Sandulak’s raspy howls in the mix.

Main course, Boston’s Elder pushed the festivities into overdrive and the wee hours of the night, with extended jams that blended seamlessly from one harmonious blues-rock meltdown to the next. Glasses were raised even as Elder’s devastatingly melodic vortex pulled their all-too-willing victims under. - Beatroute


Still working on that hot first release.



Found on the love for the riff and classic bands, Woodhawk is a riff bleeding, groove loving machine. A love child to the 70's with a modern punch in the face of rock goodness. With quick momentum gained in a short period of time, the trio knock out heavy drums, fuzzy bass and huge guitars on all levels. 
With an EP under their belts, rotation on Jason Ellis's show and a forthcoming LP coming down the pipes, Woodhawk shows no signs of slowing down. As the riffs keep flowing, so does Woodhawk. Like a cool, smooth, refreshing punch to the face.

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