Hadfield, Victoria, AUS

Woodlock are an extremely unique and experimental band. With a summery vibe to there sound and no limit to what instruments they can play, they really can appeal to everyone. These hard working, funny guys put on a very entertaining show. They live for music.


Realising their talents at home, brothers Zech and Eze Walters looked to friend, Bowen Purcell, to provide the driving beat behind their tales of life, love and lemons to form, the now well known, WOODLOCK. 

After only a short stint of writing and playing the trio bought a caravan, painted it up, got it somehow registered and decided to go on an adventure up and down the east coast taking their music with them to the streets of both rural and capital cities.

After captivating crowds in the street they found themselves in a recording studio on the sunny coast and before they knew it they had an EP in their hands.

Now based in Melbourne, the Woodlock boys have continued to play the streets. After gaining some great recognition and creating a strong following from tirelessly busking at every corner of the Melbourne CBD, Woodlock are starting to take their sounds from the street to the stage.

Since releasing their first EP titled Lemons, Woodlock have worked hard to perfect the sounds crafted in the studio to a live setting. Focusing on strong, energetic and creative live shows to take their performance to the next level.

Since the release Woodlock have also appeared on Balcony TV, Live on Bowen, and also a cameo at the MCG for the fundraiser Sleep at the G. After a run of shows up the East Coast more recently and playing in some of Melbournes best live venues, that include the Prince of Wales and the John Curtin, there is nothing but excitement and hype building around these three country boys!


Lemons EP

Set List

-The Last Of Us
-Lost In Love
-American Honey Blonde
-You Broke It
-Stow Away
-Heartbreak Kid
-Lost at Sea
-The Shire
-This Ain't Love
-When I'm Home
-Sweet Love Say No
-Blood Brothers
And heaps more originals~
(Also have about 3 hours worth of covers but they all have our own special twist on them)