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"This is a release that manages to mix the very different funk and rock styles of music together to achieve a fresh and interesting sound!!"

…….the work is a funk fest that's mixed with hard rock edges with several splashes of R&B added in. Woodrow's vocals have just a hint of a raspy sounding edge to them along with a soulful tone that give the songs a real life edge…………. This is a release that manages to mix the very different funk and rock styles of music together to achieve a fresh and interesting sound! - Senior Staff Writer C.W. Ross @ http://www.IndieMusicStop.com

"Neo-Classicism--The New Classic Rock: Woodrow Lin's Love Screams War"

Dude, it’s like some guys went down to that basement dorm room which had been condemned under a new fire code. The guys meant to just break in, explore, maybe find a place to have parties, but they found the door ajar. Inside is a long-haired guy wailing on an electric guitar. Instantly, the college guys recognize what they think is some Classic Rock song they should know. They look at each other knowingly, as if to say, “Oh, yeah, he’s playing that one song.”

But when the player hits the song’s bridge, the guys realize this is nothing they’ve ever heard. The neo-classicism threw them off, but this long-haired guy in the dorm basement had only been incorporating those blues rock riffs into a funk collection of indie College rock. Having no slick production, it’s open, accessible, free, wild, and live.

The guys call for help, “We need a drummer! Get us a bass! This guy is incredible, but he needs some support.”

A drummer and kits, a bass player and bass, some recording equipment, and other support crew appear, and Woodrow Lin’s Love Screams War is made ambulatory by electronic recording processes, freeing the long-haired Lin from his neo-classic College Rock basement.

At least that’s how I imagine it went down.

Love Screams War opens with “You Hide,” a dirty funk that rolls on waves of bass lines supplied by Alvero xxx, buoying the rhythm, bouncing it with jazzy soul. That’s what grabbed me, but while bass was from outside help, the genius of this neo-classic rock funk is Lin’s chops and riffs, such as on “I Like the Way You Walk.” - Benjamin C. Squires @ http://www.musicspectrum.org

""My t-shirt started sticking to me around track three.""

Do not come in here half-hearted. Woodrow Lin kicks out punk-spirited funk that doesn’t hold anything back. He’s angry, he’s horny, he’s smokin’ hot and he wants a shot of whiskey – on second thought, just give him the whole bottle – and he wants to make you sweat. My t-shirt started sticking to me around track three.

I’m not surprised this guy started as a gospel artist before he “got wise,” according to his bio. The passion is still there. It’s just picked up a pack of cigarettes and slapped on a few tattoos. This is solid, jamming funk musicianship with a clear Hendrix vibe and an Alice in Chains unpredictability. Sometimes the music is flat-out raunch, sometimes it wails, and sometimes it’s downright pissed off. One thing it will never be is subtle. I love the guy for it.

Take the clearly-stated lyrics of “I Like the Way You Walk”:

I like the way you are when you are cold to me
I like the way you look when you’re pissed at me ...

Or check out the title track, an infectious jazz-flavored funk groove with sly lyrics:

On the upside I’ve been swingin’
‘Cause you know that the whole world keeps cheating
That’s why you defined, it’s open
But I think you’re changing your mind ...

Lin does the ballad thing very well, as in “Can U Blame Me” (shades of Prince in that one, including the fact that his voice actually gets a bit sweet on the high notes). But God help me, I keep knocking on his bedroom door. My favorite track is “Listen Here,” a grind-and-sway number with no romantic pretension. This is a writhing, steamy, aggressive stalker of a track. His intentions are perfectly clear. If you do go knocking on that door, you had better proceed with caution. - Jennifer Layton @ http://www.indie-music.com

"Woodrow Lin is a rocker in every sense of the word......."

Woodrow Lin is a rocker in every sense of the word, and Love Screams War has him sounding a bit like a more ballsy Jon Bon Jovi if he was raised in Atlanta with the guys in The Black Crowes. In other words, he plays some very down to earth, rootsy blues-influenced rock that is as intimate as it is celebratory. You want to rock to this, and every single song supplies the goods, from the pleas of "I Like The Way You Walk" to the slow funk of "Listen Here" or the gritty rawness of "Sneaky Son Of A Bitch".

Hearing this album a number of times, I could easily see him opening or jamming with The Derek Trucks Band or Govt. Mule without a problem. The vocal/guitar/bass/drums sound is good for him, although there were a few songs that would have sounded nice with a mean B-3 solo ripping right through it. The music on the disc is open to a lot of different interpretations, which I'm sure he'll get into in the coming years, but it also opens his music to a number of possibilities if he chooses to explore those avenues on future recordings. - Da Bookman @ http://www.musicforamerica.org

"Blending funk, hard rock, and blues styles, Love Screams War is a decent listen...."

Lin is a solid singer and has considerable guitar chops, evident on
songs like “Sneaky son of a bitch”, “I like the way you walk”, and “I give up”. Lin drops in plenty of funky, bluesy, wah-wah drenched licks
throughout Love Screams War.......... - Pete Pardo @ Sea of Tranquility


Air Play:
* Can U Blame Me
* I Like the Way You Walk
* Sneaky Son of A Bitch
* Stab Me
* Listen Here
* Can We Live Without Pain
* You Hide

Love screams war is getting full rotation

Woodrow Releases:
* Almost Live (EP)
* Found on Tape (EP)
* Woodrowfied (EP)

Latest Album:
* Love Screams War

New Single(s):
* Love Screams War
* Can U Blame Me
* Sneaky Son of A Bitch
* U Hide

Some Radio Stations Reported Playing Album, Love Screams War:
- WIKD 99.1 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
- WIPZ University of Wisconsin/Parkside
- WVPH Rutgers University/Livingston
- WDTS Delaware Technical & Community College
- KHSU Humboldt State University
- KCSB University of Cal/Santa Barbara
- WIDR 89.1 Western Michigan University
- KGRG Green River Community College
- WCWP/88.1 FM Long Island University
- KBUT 90.3/89.9/94.9 FM Community Radio
- KCSS 91.9 FM CSU Stanislaus
- Radio SNHU Southern New Hampshire University
- WPRK Rollins College
- KDIC 88.5 Grinnell College
- WVCR-FM 88.3 "The SAINT"
- KWAR Wartburg College
- WBUQ Bloomsburg University
- WRUR University of Rochester
- WCDB SUNY Albany
- WBRS Brandeis University
- WBFH Andover High School
- Radio Chrystal Blue
- Ultimate Variety
- Taproot Radio
- 107.1 The Peak
- KXCI 91.3
- Legends Of Rock The Mix
- WJMF 88.7 FM
- Eagles FM 100.1 & 100.9
- WEEL Radio
- SidHaig.com Radio
- Saw*Kick Radio
- The Kaflooey Podcast
- Monochrome Museum Radio
- WDHA 105.5
- KIAC Internet Radio
- Mixed Bag Sound System
- CUR1350
- My Red Neck Radio
- KRZA Community Radio

And much more in progress.......


Feeling a bit camera shy


Woodrow Lin is a cross btn Sly and The Family Stone, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Led Zepplin and Alice in Chains. We have complete control over all our projects. We record, produce and engineer all our albums. Our musicianship has been compared to the great bands from the late sixties to early seventies. Woodrow Lin is raw and you can feel it, it's slinky.......