Intelligently woven lyrics and infectious melodies draw audiences to Woodrush. A mix of acoustic rock, folk, and pop produce a harmonious fusion that can be both mellow and upbeat. Between their on-stage banter and pure craftsmanship of songs, Woodrush perfomances are always well received.


Woodrush has been performing in the Northwest for over 6 years and is starting to make their presence known to a larger audience. The single, “road trippin’”, off their debut album, “so far from home”, won “Best Acoustic Single of the Year” at the 16th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards.

Nearly 10 years of friendship and songwriting have led Jim and Kelly to a sound that is polished and cohesive. Their music is representative of West Coast acoustic rock with clean melodies and strong harmonies infused into well-crafted songs. Intimate lyrics reveal the voice of a genuine songwriter while vocal percussion peppers their work and completes the Woodrush sound.

Bits of folk, funk, rock, pop, and a hint of modern country make so far from home the perfect album to listen to during a mellow evening with friends or around the campfire at summer’s end. Keep your eyes open for great things to come from these talented performers.


Road Trippin'

Written By: Woodrush

Here we go again driving on the road again
Got to make the gig on time
We got the stereo bumping loud
Miles of road begin, starting with this stop light
You know that we pack light
There ain’t nothing going to slow us down
Driving fast again, running from the past again
Looking to the future now
Cause we’re leaving it all behind

We make it to the club.
Man, what a surprise
Staring at the neon sign
Outside our name’s all up in lights
We take it to the stage, about 9:05
A couple of beers
And get two shot’s of Jaeger on the side

That’s just the way we roll
A little heart and lots of soul
Finding ways to lose control
That’s just the way we roll

Here we are again loading up the car again
Got to get the gear packed up
Hit the road and then blow this town
Miles and miles to drive cruising in the dead of night
Not a soul in sight, just watching the rain pour down
Wasting time again, everything’s sublime again
Steady-rockin’ all night long
We got the stereo bumping loud

We make it to the hotel, what a surprise
Staring at the neon sign
“NO VACANCY” in big red lights
We sleep inside the car ‘till about 9:05
A hot cup of coffee and two shots of Jaeger on the side

That’s just the way we roll
A little heart and lots of soul
Finding ways to lose control
That’s just the way we roll

The Brink

Written By: Woodrush

I got skills, I got hundred dollar bills
I drink expensive wines but I like cheap thrills
I got a mind like a psychedelic top
Spinning ‘round inside my head, and it just don’t stop
I go thoughts that’ll send you to the moon
‘cause I’m crazy like the cat that ran away with the spoon
I got a pocket full of tic-tac-toe
So pack it up baby-girl because I go to go, you know

I got style and I can smile for miles
My mind twists and turns just like the river, Nile
Contemplation on the tip of my tongue
Digesting all the words I read just like Carl Jung
I got shoes that are busting on my feet
Too many cooks in the kitchen, I can’t stand the heat
Wound tight like a super-sonic spring
So flip the switch baby-girl and let me do my thing, and sing

There’s a light bulb flickering in my brain
Chugging like a metaphysical one-man train
Superstitious and deliciously insane
Just trying to break these chains
Like a horse lead to water and forced to drink
I can never understand the things I think
A teeter-totter underwater, I’m on the brink

I got game, I’m like an ever-burning flame
I know the way things are, but I don’t know my name
If it’s the end, then where do I begin?
I was a crazy little baby with a Cheshire grin
I got a clock that’s running in reverse
I’ve forgotten all my lines, but I’m well rehearsed
Full of change, but I make no sense
If it’s one way or another, then I’m on the fence again

I got a frown, I turn it upside down
I might play the fool, but never play the clown
And I’m inclined to run the “Miracle Mile”
But I don’t wear running shoes, ‘cause it’s not my style
I got a dog that is barking like a cat
So how ‘bout this? And baby, how ‘bout that?
Curiosity is stringing me along
If everything’s alright, then I don’t want to be wrong

I plant a thought inside my head, and I watch it grow
Just like a late-night, musical, one-man show
Next thing you know I’m on the go and I start to flow
Rhymes as pure as the driven snow
Like a wilted little flower my thoughts will die
Solitarily confined to wonder why
Choking on a broken token, I’ve go to try.

So far from home

Written By: Woodrush

Sitting here drinking beer
Talking 'bout life and fears
No I cannot tell a lie
Whishing that things would change
Knowing they'll stay the same
Lay back and flow with the tide

Take it easy; you're ahead of your time
It’s a long road

Lying back and counting stars
Strummin' on and old guitar
Melody takes me away
Singing 'bout nothing, but thinking about something, that I wish would just go away
Hear myself laughing about things that might happen
Well maybe I just shouldn't say

Keep your smile on
It will set you apart
Leave the light on
When your world becomes dark
It's a long road

And you're there by yourself all alone
And you know you got so far to go
And you're there by yourself all alone
Hell bound to endlessly roam

Loud and clear the day is here
Wake up and face your fears
Go on and give it a try
Feel the sun on your skin
This is where life begins
Don’t waste your time asking why
Life is love and joy and shame
It's different but it's all the same
So take it as it is day by day


So far from home:
After signing a development deal with Raining Notes in late 2005, Woodrush was flown down to Strate Sound Studios in San Diego to work with acclaimed Sound Engineer, Alan Sanderson. Sanderson has worked with such artists as The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Fiona Apple, Weezer, and more. The album was then sent to Sterling-Sound Studios in New York to be mastered by world renowned Mastering Engineer, Greg Calbi. Calbi has mastered albums for a staggering list of prominent artists such as U2, Cold Play and Bob Dylan.

The final step in completing the album was a photo shoot with legendary rock photographer, Henry Diltz. Diltz is widely known for the cover photo on The Doors album, “Morrison Hotel”, but has also photographed countless music legends from the late sixties to the present. In June of 2006, the album, so far from home, was released. “So far from home” has already begun to receive praise. TAXI, "the world's leading Independent Artist & Repertoire Company," is quoted as saying, "Everything about this CD seems to be impressive."

Other Projects:
Woodrush also appears on the compilation album, “Drink to Bones that Turn to Dust”, A Tribute to Oingo Boingo, released in October 2006; produced and recorded by Dep’t of Records. Jim and Kelly also released two other albums under the band name “Three Shades of Gray” (3SG).

Set List

With close to 50 original songs and countless covers, Woodrush has enough music to play anywhere from two to four 45 to 60 minute sets. The cover songs range from classics like CSNY and the Beatles, to more modern artist such as Jack Johnson, and Jason Mraz.