Singer Songwriter, Acoustic based adult pop songs about love and hate. Not unlike warm toast and Coffee.


Woodside is the songwriting vehicle for Robbie - who produces a wide variety of songs across different genres. Early influences were learning the guitar whilst playing along with Clapton, Bowie, Eagles and T.Rex records in his shed from the age of 12.

With a varied list of cover bands and teenage recordings, Robbie joined forces with Paul Griffiths in the late 80's and formed King Strut, whose acoustic, melodic pop was the first development for Robbie's own style. 70's and 80's influence of songwriters such as XTC, Steely Dan and Elvis Costello went further to shape Robbies quality. Working with artists such as Kevin Wilkinson (China Crisis, Fish, Proclaimers, Squeeze) - helped to add a definitive essence to his work.
With nearly 10 years away from music, to concentrate on his young family, Robbie has now got back in the groove with his new material. Which will see his first release since King Strut, with his Better Late Than Never offering, due out late 2007.
Inspired by artists Steven Alvarado, The Shins, Rachelle Van Zanten, Anny Celsi, Anton Barbeau and others - this new release is the first of many new offerings.


Sacred Ground (King Strut) Indie, CD
Green Indians (King Strut, single Sacred ground) featured on tribute album in memory of Kevin Wilkinson.
Various Sessions.
Better Late Then Never (2007)

Set List

Never Be Over
Be Leave
Beautiful Mistake
Girl & Boy Thing
I'm Not Your Rescue
Swallowing My Words