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Woodwose is music for witches. It's earthen dirge, tectonic rumble and cauldron's boil. It's folk and metal and neither. The band's music contains the dark secrecy that built rock's greatest legacy and the subtle, feminine energy that unifies rock's spirit.


Woodwose arose from the giddy revelry of semi-drunken nights spent speculating on music's darkest, strangest corners. Two women who decided it would be a lark to compose a record's worth of material drawn from their own bizarre personalities and esoteric belief systems. But what started as a lark soon evolved into a full steam creative endeavor. Jessica Weeks on Rhodes and flute, Gillian Chadwick on guitar, both singing, both dreaming of their songs fully fleshed upon a handsome angular frame. Enter Hexham Head studios. 24 track all analog recording and mixing. Weeks of basic tracking, searching for the right vibe, starting over again to get it right and overdubbing the shit out of it with acid flourishes. Light, heavy, manic and heaving. A masterwork.


Woodwose (self-titled LP): to be released on Language of Stone January 2009

Set List

Three Pines
Younger Animals
At the Swimming Hole
House of Helix
Fawn Incantation
(... or some combination thereof)
typical sets are 30-40 minutes