Woody Carter

Woody Carter

BandWorldNew Age

Native American flute is the featured instrument, along with other instruments such as guitar, mandolin, hand drum, keyboard, Celtic whistles, bells and shakers. Decidedly Native American in tone and content with occasional forays into jazzy, Christian, and new age styles.


Woody Carter is a Native American of Potawatomi and Creek descent. He is an enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation of Shawnee, Oklahoma. His grandfather, Woody Crumbo was a renowned artist, traditional dancer, and flute maker/player. Woody chose to honor his grandfather by naming his first Cd release "NMeshomes" which means "My Grandfather" in the Potawatomi language. Woody plays many different instruments and also honors the Celtic side of his heritage by playing various Celtic instruments, such as the Celtic whistle, The Great Highland Bagpipes, and Uilleann bagpipes. Another fascination for Woody is the music of the Andean peoples of Bolivia and Peru. This is illustrated by the inclusion of "El Condor Pasa" on the Cd "NMeshomes". Woody's day job is flying the Boeing 737 as a Captain for a major U.S. Airline.


So far, one Cd has been released. To listen to a sample of each of the 11 tracks, go to: