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One of the most naturally
musical recordings I've ever heard. An inventive mix of a wide variety of genres, each painted with delicate nuances appropriate to it's
--Glenn Hammett, writer for Hi Fi Heretic absolute sound The Tracking Angle and Sounds Like... magazines. - Hi Fi Heretic

I've been writing about Woody Lissauer for decades. My first memories are of him with Multiplex, and then he was with Cubic Feet. To say
that Woody is excited about his debut solo release would be a major understatement. He has created a nice little home studio for himself and
devoted his time to learning all the music and editing programs. He also taught himself the graphic end of things, and brought together the finest players he knew to create this musical, masterpiece. And it is. The cover is gorgeous; simple, but classy. The back cover is also stunning;a red rose on a black background with the song titles on the left side of the art. Very cool looking. I was immediately impressed. I was looking forward to listening to this disc simply because it looked so nice.
When I finally had the time to listen to it, it was time to write about the debut from Woody Lissauer.
The opening cut made me smile immediately. Roses is a
wonderful song. It's folksy, and has wonderful vocals. I was sorry I couldn't read the lyrics, the parts I picked up really caught my attention.
Before I go on, let me tell you that Woody plays a ton of
instruments, including guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion, and does the
vocals, of course! Now let me tell you about all the people who appear on Woody Lissauer's brand new disc. Listen for the talents of the one-and-only Brian Durham, Spike Settles, Myles Evans, George Biggs, Chris Noyes, Crash Kundrat, Jupiter Lee, Billy Falk, Kate Lissauer, Jimmy Wilson, Jamie Wilson,
Tammi Hessen, Roy Frush, Cindy Leo, Rose Manfre, and Jeffrey Garbelle (on
the Viola da Gamba). Mixing was done by Gene Ingham and Woody, mastering was with Charlie Pilzer at Airshow Mastering.
I hear so many things in this music. Woody Lissauer is a very talented fellow. He's been around almost as long as I have and his music
expresses that. He had learned by playing the best music in the world. His
total purpose in life is to make music. If asked, he'll tell you the same thing. His mission is his music, and he's put out a lot of time to bring this disc to life.
There is so much here. At times I feel like I am growing up again. I hear Beatles and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. The Who and even The Eagles. He's got some Celtic sounds here, and some hip guitar picking on
its own. When he adds percussion to the mix, the music gets that much more
exciting! Then he does his own version of one of my favorite songs; John Barleycorn Must Die from Traffic. The vocals alone are
masterful. It is a great addition to this excellent disc.
Woody Lissauer should be quite proud of himself for all he put out to make this happen&mdash he has done one hell of a job! And, I thought
it was very cool he dedicated it to the late, great Brian Durham. (Many people miss you Brian!)
I am sure that this CD is available all over the region. He's already got it in stores and online.
...Music Monthly, June 2004; review by Susie Mudd - Music Monthly

Woody Lissauer's self-titled CD is a breath of fresh air. With over an hour of songs, there's plenty of great music to explore.
The CD begins with the tune 'Roses', which is already being spinned on local radio here in Maryland. Lissauer plays many of the instruments including guitars, reeds, keyboards, violin, percussion, and is also the lead voice. Although some of the tunes use some acoustic instruments, there's lots of driving rhythms throughout. Lissauer is joined by many female vocalists including his sister Kate Lissauer. She also plays banjo and fiddle and is currently performing in England. Jupiter is guesting on track four 'Please Don't Go' - a commercially ready-to-go, radio friendly tune that could very well be a hit single. Also guesting is Spike from the band 'Never Never', female vocalist Chris Noyes, trumpeter Jimmy Wilson, longtime cohort Crash on drums and the late Brian Durham.
There are thirteen tunes in all and even includes a remake of the traditional English ballad 'John Barleycorn Must Die', which was also recorded by Traffic in 1970. ..but Lissauer's introduction of a heavy drum beat could attract a whole new audience to this classic. It's available now at Baltimore and Washington DC area record stores and can also be ordered online from CD Baby.com and Amazon.com. Since Woody has been performing his new music he's gained many dedicated fans from Toronto to Miami and overseas.
This CD has some very cool textures, innovative production and excellent musicianship. In closing Lissauer's talent and avant-garde approach to songwriting and sound sculpting is both new and exciting. Please be sure to check his website at www.woodylissauer.com - HiWire Daze Magazine

...the production values are terrific,
the CD sounds great!
Ian Nagoski; Owner, The True Vine - The Trus Vine

I'll start off by saying that I am in awe. You are so amazingly talented and gifted, it brings tears to my eyes. Your voice is
gorgeous... I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have stumbled upon your music. I am constantly searching for music that inspires me and at
last I have found it. I think the song 'Roses' belongs on the radio! ...I am
deeply moved by your music. I can't really explain why, there is just
something about it that touches me. Thank you.
...Laura Moore, CDBaby.com
customer - Laura Moore

I love your CD! Can I get ten more?
...Birgit Miller, Annapolis, MD - Birgit Miller

Your CD seems to be frequenting my car CD player more often. As I continue to
listen to your music the more I realize your musical and lyrical talents. You have great variety in style but also depth in these styles and are able to successfully and complexly blend these styles into true musical art.
Thank you for sharing such talent
...Stan Krol, Ellicott City, MD - Stan Krol

I am very impressed with the diversity you employ. You touch on so many different genres, and your sister has a beautiful voice that blends well with the music.
...Sherri Millan, Professional Musician - Sherri Millan

I LOVE the song that you and Kate do. It makes me cry... and I love your Russian song!
...Tracy McClure, Ontario, Canada - Tracy McClure


Woody Lissauer
Woody Lissauer
Roses is getting radio airplay at this time.



Over 15 years of writing and preparing and the last 4 years working with musicians, recording and producing have gone into this self-titled CD. This labor of love combines a wide variety of musical interests and styles cultivated over the years.
From the straight forward classic pop of Roses (currently being played on local radio) and Please Don't Go to the traditional folk songs John Barleycorn Must Die and Raglan Road to the inventive electronic influenced Cvyaschennii Marsch and Strangelove, this CD has a lot to offer.