Wood Yous

Wood Yous

 Pretoria, Gauteng, ZAF

Wood Yous is a Post-Indie Surrealist-Folk-Rock band from Pretoria South Africa.


Starting out as a virtual band in the early days of 2010, the band was soon fleshed out to become a dynamic 3-piece group.
As a full set of songs had not been written yet, the Wood Yous played a couple of small gigs playing a few original songs and some cover songs and calling themselves "The Dry Spells" to hide their true identity.
Soon, enough songs were written and a computer added to the line-up to provide live electronics and the Wood Yous were ready to get going! So in September of 2010 Wood Yous played their first gig under their own name. Unfortunately the computer had a serious bout of stage fright and froze up halfway through the second song, forcing the rest of the band to suddenly re-explore their more acoustic roots. Right after the show, the computer was fired from the band and a new, more earthy version of Wood Yous emerged.
A few weeks later and equipped with a new sound, the Wood Yous played a gig in Joburg, receiving a great review and earning a coveted spot at Thornfest 2011.
After a successful performance at Thornfest early in February during which a band members shirt was forced off him midway through by a rabid fan, Wood Yous vowed to make 2011 their breakthrough year.
Here's a review about a Wood Yous Performance by Phil Howard:

"When the 3rd and penultimate band came on I was pleasantly revitalised as the acoustic sound was fresh and enjoyable. Making me want to dance and certainly bop in my stool as I wrote. Wood Yous a trio’s bands first song called “tetris” started with the bass guitarist gently stroking them in with a trumpet intro. Interesting sound and singing form the lefty curly topped singer. His guit however needed to be a little less in volume so that we could hear his different vocal. I presumed he was the lyricist as he sang with much feeling.
“Fabric” the next song was dominated by the bass and what a sweet sound. Down fall is that perhaps a bit of harmonising may have added just that finishing touch. Yet….. it was good enough to stand on its own without the accompaniments, it just made it so much nicer and more complete in my eyes.
I really like their style and I will listen to them again!!"

The review can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=115304121857203&topic=106


Home Demos only as of yet, but more in the pipeline.