Woody Pak Band

Woody Pak Band

 Los Angeles, California, USA
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The Woody Pak Band brings us the fresh new sounds of high energy party rock-rap. Bringing together funk, rock and rap. The Woody Pak Band will undoubtedly rock out any house they are playing in! The Woody Pak Band is the ultimate party band with more than enough edge and virtuosity.


Acclaimed composer, guitarist and producer, Woody Pak is an all-around musician. He was known early in his career for his co-writing & guitar performance on British dance diva Ultra Nate's Billboard #1 hits "Free" and Found A Cure" (Strictly Rhythm, 1997-8), as well as his ground-breaking Asian American musical Making
Tracks. He has also scored numerous feature & short films/documentaries including Planet B-Boy, The Grace Lee Project, Faster, American Zombie, Oksutang, Black Picket Fence, Miss Monday, Perfection to name just a few. He has performed with several internationally known artists such as avant-garde dancer Eunmi Ahn, Grammy-award winning violinist Mark O'Connor, Korean pop singer Lee Jung Hyun, as well as classical artists such as Eugene Park and Mi Sun Ro. Most recently, he is the founder of Chaos Theory Music, a music content company and has produced and launched the career of the up and coming rock/pop band Seriously.

Bringing together Pak's love and penchant for blending disparate styles of music, Woody Pak introduces us to his latest live music project, the Woody Pak Band. Pak brings us his funky party rock-rap tracks with the help of young funk rockers Nathan Park (bass), Jason Lee (drums), EJ Fernandez (sax) and various guest vocalists including fresh LA rapper Prime. Woody Pak's virtuosic funk rock coupled with Prime's urban rap makes for a high energy party rock-rap sound reminiscent of Prince's funk rock or Run DMC's collaboration with Aerosmith.

Woody Pak is a graduate of MIT and The Juilliard School of Music.


Hyped Urban Remix

Written By: Woody Pak and Trayvon Ellis

Love for the music in my soul in my blood
Fire’s what I bring to keep it moving in the clubs
This so extravagant
This is where we’re having it
Come on and join the hype
It’s all a part of life
Hold on and brace yourself
Cuz’ you know what time it is, so sing with me

Hype is what it’s all about
Get up on your feet and shout
Hype is in all that you see
Come inside and taste the dream
Day of celebration, everybody keep it movin’
Groovin’ loving the hype a feeling I’m never losin’
“AHH” that’s when I hit the stage
Yes gotta leave a bang
Fly high ya gotta touch the sky
"Why" 'cuz the lies in disguise
Because it ain't all true
Watch out cuz it can easily get you

Fly so high
Fly so low

Come on Come on everybody
Yeah Prime and Woody is here to rock the party
Hyper whenever you see me flippin’
Hyping a million yeah throw them hands to the ceilin’
Come on and get you a taste
Hype gotta put in ya face
Hold on and brace yourself
Cuz you know what time it is so sing with me

Come on, come on everybody
Yea, Prime and Woody is here to rock the party
Hyper whenever ya see me flippin
Hyping a million yea, throw them hands to the ceilin
Come on and get you a taste
Hype, gotta put in your face
Hold on and brace yourself
Cuz you know what time it is so sing with me


Comments Regarding Airplay for "Hyped Urban Remix"

KSPI 93.7 FM "We are spinning Woody Pak in
Oklahoma City, OK medium rotation, which is around
19 times a week. WE love the
song and are getting great

KTCL 93.3 FM "YES!!!! Damn, that's all over the
Denver, CO map!”

KACV 89.9 FM FMQB 1 SPIN; "Got the Woody
Amarillo, TX Pak, and he's getting' love on the
spec. shows"

KDLD 103.1 FM "This is an interesting track, to be
Los Angeles, CA sure"

KSWI 95.7 FM "I'll give the tune a spin next
Atlantic, IA week!"

KRQR 106.7 FM "Sounds good! Send me the link
Chico, CA and a CD"

KSPI 93.7 "He is still getting 5-6 spins"
Oklahoma City, OK "Getting 19 spins. We love the
song and are getting great

WOODY PAK Discography

Evan Ziporyn. 1993. Animal Act, LP. (Guitar)
Mood II Swing. 1994. Wall of Sound, LP. Eight Ball Records (Guitar, Arranger)
Jo Hyun Ju. 1996. Clarinet. (Guitar, Arranger)
Virgil Moorefield. 1997. Temperature in Hell Is Over Three Thousand Degrees, LP. Tzadik. (Microtonal Guitar)
Ultra Nate. 1998. Situation : Critical, LP. Groovilicious / S.R. (Guitar, Writer)
Ro Mi-Sun. 1999. Prayer, LP. Talent Music. (Guitar, Arranger)
Ro Mi-Sun. 1999. Grace, LP. Talent Music. (Guitar, Arranger)
Various Artists. 2000. OST/ Making Tracks Original Cast Album, LP. Sony BMG. (Writer,
Arranger, Producer, Guitar)
Lee Jung Hyun. 2001. Magic To Go To My Star, LP. Yaedang, IK POP. (Writer, Co-Producer, Guitar)
Mark O'Connor. 2001. American Seasons, LP. Sony. (Guitar)
Various Artists. 2003. OST/ The Wedding Banquet- Songs From The Musical, EP. Sony BMG
(Writer, Arranger, Producer, Guitar)
Mowg. 2004. Desire, LP. Seoul Records. (Guitar)
Various Artists. 2003. In The Chamber with Staind: String Quartet Tribute to Staind., LP. Vitamin Records. (Arranger)
Various Artists. 2004. String Quartet Tribute to David Gray, LP. Vitamin Records. (Arranger)
Various Artists. 2004. String Quartet Tribute to Elton John, LP. Vitamin Records. (Arranger)
Various Artists. 2005. String Quartet Tribute to Billy Joel, LP. Vitamin Records. (Arranger)
Various Artists. 2006. String Quartet Tribute to Diana Krall, LP. Vitamin Records. (Arranger)
Woody Pak. 2006. Mood Spheres, LP. Chaos Theory Music. (Artist, Producer, Writer)
Woody Pak feat. Prime. 2007. Hyped Urban Remix, EP. Chaos Theory Music. (Artist, Producer, Writer)

Set List

(45 minutes)

"Work It"
"Hyped Urban Remix"
"Stayin' Alive"
"Lock It Down"