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Woody Poles & Music


Woody Poles & Music is mostly a solo act. Sometimes I do have other artist in my show.If you like movin, groovin and soothin then you should be listening to Woody Poles & Music. If you like reggae,island, jazz, r&b and funk and a live performance for all your occasions anywhere.


I felt music as soon as Iwas born but at seven my mother who was a musician played piano and started me there. I had a love for the flute, sax and especially singing. I always found myself singing and a dancin. I have a wide range of influences from classical, jazz, r&b, rock, folk, reggae and gospel. Over the years I've written more than a 150 songs and do many of them at shows and events. Been doing music as a profession for more than 21 years now. I have been appreciated by babies to little old ladies they all have enjoyed the music, CD's and the live entertainment. You can visit my website:
www.mrwoodypoles.com for more info. Also you can go to www.youtube.com/mrwoodypoles and see my live in studio videos.


CD: Peace & Harmony Tour
CD: Steppin with the Feelin
CD: Please Ride this Bus in Love & Trust
CD: Instrumentally Yours
These CD's can be heard or purchased at:

Set List

I usually do three one hour sets. I try to do a 50-50 mix of originals and cover songs. Sets go depending on the occasion I usually start out smooth jazzy and work my way into the excitment. Some of my original are Steppin with the Feelin, Somewhere Love, Gimme da Love, and Peace & Harmony to name a few. Some of my cover is Could You Be Loved, Bob Marley, Down Under, Men at Work, Every Breath You Take, Police, My Girl, Temptations,What a Wonderful World,Louie Armstrong, Sweet Dreams, Eurhythmics, Lets Stay Together, Al Green, Midnite Hour, Wilson Pichett, Does Anybody Know What Time It Is, Chicago to name a few