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"The Secret is coming!"

The Secret is coming soon! - The Source


Fact and Appearance Sheet:
Name: Woodz
Age: Young enough
Height: Tall
Weight: Big
Hometown: Detroit, MI USA
Label: Plush Mitten Entertainment
Previous Albums/Guest Appearances:
The Lost World (1997),
The Woodz Project (1999),
City Life (2002)
DJ P-Dogg Presents- Live From the Kennel (2004)
The Next BIG Thing- 2005
J-Clear- My Signature Now!- Sho’ Nuff (fea. Woodz & Crimson) (2005)
DJ Henhouse Presents: Street Talk Volume One- Various Tracks (2005)
Big Tone- The Drought- Turn My World (fea. Woodz) (2005)
Radio Air Play:
-"I Go" averaged 20 to 30 spins a week on FM 98 WJLB and 105.9 WDTJ
-"Feel Good" was in heavy mix show ratation on HOT 102.7 FM and was featured on "The Hype Squad Morning Show" as well as being presented as a "World Premere" on The Hot Boyz show at 6pm.
-Woodz was featured Monday through Friday on the intro to the "Big 3 at 3" with Spudd on HOT 102.7
-Woodz is featured on the "4 Play at 4" intro with Bushman Monday through Friday on FM 98 WJLB.



Wade through the current murky waters of musical mediocrity and you’ll find a diamond in the ruff. A true gem emerging from within the deep underground trenches of Detroit’s Hip-Hop scene; you’ll find WOODZ! In a day when innovation has taken a backseat to redundancy and formulas, Woodz breaks the mold, defying the rules of ‘follow the leader’…He’s copped the position! “My main thing is representing Detroit like it needs to be represented. I’m sincere about this. I need people to know ‘this is Detroit’, this is our culture! So many people have misconceptions about our scene. I want to be a voice. I’m going to paint better picture. I know that I am ‘The Secret’!”

One listen to “The Secret” will testify to that! With thought-provoking lyrics backed by cutting-edge production, Woodz breathes new life into Hip-Hop. The sheer intensity of every track-produced by hit-makers Big Tone, S.O.S., Tha Stuntmen, Chris G.O.T.T.I., Hustle, and DJ Kage, truly puts the listener on alert; they can expect to experience Detroit Hip-Hop at it’s finest! “It’s my intro to the world, not just The “D” (Detroit). I’m letting them know who I am! I’m reppin’ my city. I have to make an impact and reach out into the world. I’ve got s**t to talk about!” As the title suggests, Woodz is “The Secret” coming out of the Motor City. His stories are as vivid as his personality. “My music may not be for everyone. It can be grimy. You’ll get a variety from me. I have party tracks on my album that will cater to women and younger people and street tracks for ni**as that’s been through street life and the hustle. I also have uplifting songs. I have messages. The album is for people in the streets that understand everyday street life. It’s an everyday record.” It’s no doubt that Woodz has the ability to rock it. With the ability to satisfy both the heads and the critics, he is truly a multi-faceted artist and storyteller.

Demonstrating his skills on the standout tracks “Raw Regardless”, “Yaws Boi” and “This is my Night”, Woodz drops what has to be some of his hottest verses. Songs like “Gold Records”, “Goodbye” and “Daddy was a Hustler” are filled with enough poetic devices to oblige even the most hailed emcees to take notice! This Michigan-bred emcee’s lyrics literally fly in the face of all those who wish to think that no one can rhyme in the Midwest.

Zealously, “purists” defend “real” Hip-Hop while scraping the underground scene for inspiration. Woodz provides that cure! At a time when creativity is at an all time low, Woodz bursts out from the scene packed with heat! “My music is my baby! It’s my child. I can never be separated from it. No matter what happens, it’ll always be a part of me. ‘The Secret’ says it all. It’s who I am. It’s what you can expect!” The best Hip-Hop comes from the heart. It can inform, inspire, educate, make you dance and sometimes make you scared. It can make you an entrepreneur or make you a star. Woodz is Hip-Hop! He’s truly one of the best who comes with it all. As you listen to ‘The Secret’, prepare to take a lesson in Hip-Hop!

WOODZ – “The Secret”
In Stores July 7th, 2009
On Plush Mitten Entertainment, LLC