Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP


Albert Salinas (a.k.a Wooky) is the name of a catalan music producer and Dj that has been in the game for more than ten years, creating the distinctive sound of Lapsus Records, his own label.

Bands from the mid-90s electronic scene like Orbital, Aphex Twin, Swayzak or Telefon Tel Aviv taught him how to love this kind of music and right after he started working on his turntables, producing music and sound-designing. Since 2007 Albert works in CD Drome Barcelona, one of the most prestigious record stores in Spain.

Wooky has been working on his beats for a few years now and has succeeded in developing a richful and mature sound, eclectic and personal at once. The result of all this creative evolution is "The Ark", an album full of blistering bass lines, epic melodies and relentless rhythms. This latest EP has already received excellent reviews in the specialized media (Playground, Rockdeluxe, Spinner, Scanner Fm, Clubbingspain, Mixside, etc.) Bringing it to act at SONAR 2010 and L.E.V. festival 2010.
Albert is currently preparing the future releases of Lapsus Records and presenting his beats live, helped by the unmistakable visual art of Ascii_Bit.


- "Maximo Wooky remix" - Remix from the album "Mendetz" by the spanish band MENDETZ (Sinnamon Records, 2007)
- "The Ark" - EP (Lapsus Records, 2010)
- "Tears with ice Wooky remix" (Anika Sade, 2010)
- "Electronic Music from Catalonia" - CD compilation with the most talent electronic local artists from 2010, including "New World Order" by WOOKY (Compiled by SONAR)