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Fort Collins, Colorado, United States | SELF

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sit Outside and Dream review"

Originally published in Scene Magazine, September 2008

CD: Sit Outside and Dream
Artist: WoolEye

Ever since Hendrix rocked 20 arms on the cover of Axis: Bold As Love, Hindu imagery has been psychedelic rock’s colorful totem. But don’t let the Tridevi on the cover of WoolEye’s latest effort fool you; the trippiness comes in bits and pieces.

While the far-off space guitar is present in a handful of tracks, Sit Outside and Dream is dominated by a boppy jazz rock sound, heard across the synth landscapes and hooky keyboard. What lifts WoolEye above the archetypal fusion four-piece is a willingness to dabble in genres far outside their range without compromising their jazz-based approach. Most of the time, it works.

Try the neon bluegrass sound of “Cherokee Bill” – though the lyrics feel uninspired, there’s something surprisingly fun about the rocking electric piano and guitar bridges.

The Technicolor techno-pop of “New York Spinnit” is aural deliciousness. The succulent synth keys bubble when mixed with vocalist Michael Rouse’s rock n’ roll drawl. It’s speedy and clever and catchy as hell. “Tune For The Sun” is another überfun stretch with vocals and piano embracing an Elton John elegance.

Occasionally, the genre-bending polish wears off and leaves the listener with a failed experiment - the stiff dub rock of “Snapback Fission” - or peculiar contemporary rock that takes way too long to pay off - the itchy “New Dawn Plowing”, which takes off about four minutes in, when the instrumentation picks up on that psychedelic flavoring mentioned earlier.

But you gotta give it to them; Sit Outside and Dream proves that as long as it fits, it doesn’t have to belong. - Scene


Grand Align Time
Mike Rouse

Street of Merrimon 3:57
Light Up the Town 4:23
New Motivation 4:45
Conentric Wave 4:10
always Been There 4:34
Can't Forget 2:54
Grand Align Time 4:54
Man From Texas 2:19
Cloak 6:30
Rain Ain't Cold 3:04
First Step 4:04
Tune to the Sun 6:46

Sit Outside and Dream

© Copyright-WoolEye

Record Label: Climb Travel

Song Name Time
1. Human 4:25
2. Down With You 4:26
3. Tuscaroan Sky 7:44
4. Me and Ruby 4:34
5. Tune for the Sun 4:29
6. Cherokee Bill 4:57
7. Mantis 3:47
8. Snapback Fission 5:35
9. New York Spinnit 4:41
10. New Dawn Plowing 12:11



WoolEye (Mike Rouse, JP Nollet, Rick Gary and Chuck Grewe) are an eclectic group of musicians with influences in jazz, rock, jam, funk and groove. Founded by Mike Rouse in 2005 the band has since played hundreds of shows across the country. The music takes you on a journey with a plethora of sounds and a unique but familiar groove. The group is known for its powerful funky jams, coupled with lyrics that provoke thought. WoolEye has shared the stage with Melvin Seals - Jerry Garcia Band, John Molo of Phil and friends, Martin Ferrio-Zero- Legend of Mary- JGB, Fareed Haque, Ozric Tentacles, Tea leaf green, JFJO, Donna Jean and the Tricksters, Dark Star Orchestra, GFE, and many other great artists. WoolEye was the winner of Ft Collins 2007 Wakarusa Winter Classic. This gave the band the opportunity to perform along side greats like Widespread Panic and Les Claypool at the festival. WoolEye has self released two CD's - "Grand Align Time" and "Sit Outside and Dream" produced by Derrick Vincent Smith of Pretty Lights. The band is moving forward in 2013 with great force. WoolEye has plans for a Summer tour and a 6 song EP to be released this Spring with amazing new songs.
"If Wakarusa music festival is about environmentalism and music than Mike Rouse may be the embodiment of Wakarusa's spirit" Steve Vockrodt -Journal World - Lawrence Kansas
"I love the poetry in motion" Carmen Alligood - Colorado Wave
"I haven't heard songwriting like that in decades! I love the tunes"- Martin Ferrio - Zero, JGB