Woolworm formed with the intention of one day being somebody's favourite band. So far, a whopping four people have said told us that we're they're favourite band. Four people! You can't argue with math.


After years of playing in hardcore punk bands, Woolworm are excited to finally be writing pop songs. These four best friends have self-released three EP's, and are currently working on their debut album, tentatively titled Woolworm's Very Hard Maze.

Everyone who's ever seen Woolworm has seemingly had a tough time describing them. This is because people like to spend so much time putting weird tags on things that they don't know what to say when they encounter a pretty rock band. So Woolworm have invented a genre - blanket rock. A little bit of everything, with an emphasis on warmth.


Woolworm - No Caps (CD, 2009)
Woolworm - Hearted (Tape, 2010)
Woolworm - Is Pain (7", 2011)

Set List

Set list changes show to show, drawing from our surprisingly extensive catalogue.