Wooly & the Mammoth

Wooly & the Mammoth


Imagine what it would sound like to put dozens of people in a room and treat them to the most unexpected, and most danceable, Brooklyn-cool rooftop party of their lives. That's Wooly & the Mammoth.


Wooly & the Mammoth is a folk rock outfit from Brooklyn, fusing revivalist lyricism with modern musical intensity. Far removed from the saccharine, bedroom-eyes, folk-ish pop filling up the radio charts, Wooly has been selected for such festivals and venues as Musikfest (PA), Herndon Festival (VA), KahBang Festival (ME), Downtown Festival (NYC), Northside Festival (NYC) Mercury Lounge, Pianos, Maxwell's, Cameo Gallery, Bowery Electric, Santos Party House, and more. Their debut EP, "at bay," was released in February 2013, and new material is slated for development during mid to late 2013.

For more on the band, click here: https://www.facebook.com/woolyandthemammoth
at bay, available for stream here: https://soundcloud.com/woolyandthemammoth/sets/atbay

For all inquiries, please contact Sam Tall (management): sam.tall@underthewindow.com


Troubles From So Long Ago - Single (24 Oct 2012)
At Bay - EP (13 Feb 2013)