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"Interview: The Wooly Lemons"


Interview: The Wooly Lemons
By Mike Maklosky - September 7, 2008.
Last night I was playing a show and we had our friend Todd Parish (drummer for the Wooly Lemons & co-owner of Rhythm Section Studios), join us to play some percussion and sax. I had heard that the Woolys have a new album coming out soon, and wanted to do an interview with the 'em, so I asked Todd about it, and it turned out the best time to do it was tomorrow morning, 11am, a little early for a rocker, but I decided to go for it. So I roll out of bed, jump into a cold shower (my water heater is broken), throw some Doom 'Total Doom' into the CD player, and travel on up to Logan, home of RSS studios and practice space of the Wooly Lemons.

I had a chance to listen to a little bit of a new track and sit down with the whole band; Adam Monk (guitar, lead vocals), Johnny Z (guitar), The Yeti (bass), Todd (drums), and ask them about the new album.

AMN: So you guys just released your first album in July, and now you've got a new one ready to come out pretty soon?

Todd: Its in the works, its coming out though, it will be done. The release party is September 12th with Red Dahlia.

Adam: We wrote that record in the winter time...

Yeti: its just a lot of cool riffs, 'keep it goin' .... waiting on you guys to hook your s#!t in, f%*#!n around... Probably took me a few times to remember the rhythm..

AMN: I got to hear a little bit of the album, sounds great... where/ how did you record everything.

Adam: The drum tracks and some overdubs were recorded at the OU studios (for free)..

Todd: ...on the new NEVE console at the new studio... we did most of the guitars and vocals up here at RSS.
Yeti: We did the bass down at OU as well.

AMN: Are you doing the mixing up here at RSS?

Todd: Everything is getting mixed up here in house, Adam is doing the Mixing I'm doing the mastering.

Adam: We're pretty excited to be putting it out, we've put a lot of work into it, our song writing as improved

Todd: Its definitely a step up from the first record.

AMN: So you guys are busy, busy, that first album just came out too.

Todd: It came out at this years Diamond Fest... its done, it went well.

Johnny: Greatest experience of our life...

Yeti: That album will teach you things, it tells the story of the band from its conception to its demise.

Todd: That record was completely recorded here (at RSS).

Johnny: it's a pleasure program...

Yeti: ...and you can print that!! (laughs all around)

AMN: Looks like you guys were working on some set lists when I got here, you guys have a little tour coming up to promote the new album?

Adam: Well, we've got a lot of shows in the works, Andie Walla (smilingskullbooking -@- gmail.com), our new manager, has booked a lot of shows for us.

Todd: Solid booking s in the works; Columbus, Cincinnati, Oxford, Athens, Cleveland and more in the future too.

Yeti: Jackie O's September 12th.

Adam: Well have t-shirts, record bowls, mouse pads... buy a CD get a free t-shirt, and stickers of course... just us and Red Dahlia, Andie, is gonna book another band to open up.

We have the MySpace thing too.. (http://www.myspace.com/woolylemons). We did a photo shoot, a couple weeks ago, with josh Armstrong (www.josharmstrongmedia.com), and we've got a 2 minute video up on YouTube!

Yeti: we've got a review from Scott McDonald (holyspicoli.com) he said “people need to check us out, they sound like dusty diesel-fuel rock and roll”

Adam: We like to play with a bunch of people were all about sharing the stage, get a bunch of people up there..

Yeti: As long as they pay us (laughs).

Adam: Sharing the music is the most important thing.
- Athens Musician Network

"On Scene with the Wooly Lemons"

http://www.logandaily.com/articles/2008/10/06/news/doc48e9949d4b217045340793.txt - Logan Daily News


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rl7IfctduDA - Youtube.com


Wooly Lemons - Self-titled EP 2007
Wooly Lemons - Two Dukes LP 2008
Wooly Lemons - Self-Titled LP 2008

They have had airplay on ACRN.com, Ohio University's student run radio station, and WOUB, an NPR affiliate in Athens, Ohio. Currently they are in pursuit of gaining airplay on college radio in the midwest!



Wooly Lemons have been united since 2005. Hailing from Southeast Ohio, they work hard and bring the raw spirit of rick and roll to every show they play. They are hard working musicians with laid back attitudes. They have been influenced by many groups including AC/CD, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gov't Mule, and Rage Against the Machine. Their high-energy stage presence never lets you walk away! The head-banging and severe antics on stage will keep you mesmerized! Here's an interesting fact about Wooly Lemons: They work as professional sound engineers! Adam works for Earthwork Recording Studios in Newark, Ohio. Todd and Michael are owners of Rhythm Section Studios