Woosley Band

Woosley Band


Pete Townshend in a straight jacket- Wilco in a smoking jacket, roots rock with a major in English lit and a minor in smart, biting comedy- it all comes back to good songwriting and jackets, apparently, and balls, of course- except, these guys don't wear the jackets.


Woosley Band debuted at Schuba's in November of 1998 in Chicago. Time flies, bitches.

Woosley Band used to feature a rotating cast of musicians- they've emerged from their early alt. country, British-influenced power-pop and beer-soaked bar-rock to a solidified 4-piece line-up, described as "Pete Towshend in a straight jacket"

Woosley Band played Chicago, New York City, Nashville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Arlington, VA, Long Branch, NJ, Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati...and then they passed out.

They have opened for Guided By Voices, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and other massacres, but, are frequently asked to play last.


The One-Cup Wonderhouse

Written By: Sean Woosley

All the art and finesse of a pizza truck flying/ cruising the beltways with residential ambitions dying/ investing in champagne futures/ every time I open my mouth/ Mariachi bands are heading South

with giant elephant hat parties/ the town could use just a little more sunscreen/ with the kind of earnestness that gets you nowhere/ just begs for valium and more pain killers/ snagged on semantics and runaway brides/ supersize the intuition vote

stem-cell lines/ speed-reading hogs spacing out on dizzying designs/ drinking gasoline/ earning fines/ running on the fumes

maintain the lane, brother/ get back to zero for another breath

dreaming of places that do not exist/ to be the king of the great abyss/ I am your one-cup wonderhouse/ I am the one-cup wonderhouse


Written By: Sean Woosley

Feeling spent as a skeleton drinking warm American beer with a bird on my shoulders waiting for the bomb to go off you've been painted like a bull's eye why you take it you don't even know standing on the edge of a cess pool marveling at the rings that will drag you down the drain of time

feeling bent as an accordion wheezing through broken teeth like a washed up harmonica that's been spent into too many times you've been painted like a bull's eye and why you take it you don't even know standing at the edge of a cesspool marveling at the rings that would drag you down the drain of time

when it's curtains
do you fly? do you die?


See You in Chappaqua! (coming in 2008)
Follow Fire Exit Signs/The Thundermug Eulogies (double record-2007)
Event Failure Vibrations (2004)
Modify The Engines (2003) (Fierce Lime)
Higher Than Caruso (2003)
Marveling at the Rings (2002)
Sometimes Mighty Tranquilized (2000)
Floating The Glass Bottomed Boat (EP) (1999)

Sounds Like Columbus Vol. #1- "Nothing Needs You"
OH Crap! Vol. #4- "My Favorite Architect"
Miles of Music Sampler Vol. #1- "Painted"
Midpoint Music Compilation "Holmes, the Heat Director"
Magnet Sampler- "Drifting Like a Seawreck"
Cringe.com Sampler- "Holmes"
Oh Crap! Vol.1- "Holmes"

Set List

Woosley Band sets are, typically, 35 to 45 minutes. There are 400 or 500 original songs to choose from, but, they likely only know between 20 to 40, on any given night.