One leg solidly in pop and rock traditions of the seventies and nineties, the other one in the future.


One leg solidly in pop and rock traditions of the seventies and nineties, the other one in the future. Such is the sound of Woost, a fresh rock band of Dutch origin. Experiment and progression serve as important motivations which, combined with a love for catchy pop songs and atmosphere, result in intense onstage demeanor.

The facts
Started in 2002, Woost immediately took off like a rocket, releasing their debut CD entitled the "Red EP" and playing over sixty gigs in the Dutch clubs and festival circuit. While doing so the band also won second place in a national radio contest (3FM BuZz Award) and had two of their songs picked out for an official CD-release of the Dutch National Pop Institute.

With the help of engineer Frans Hagenaars (Caesar, Daryll Ann, Evil Superstars), Woost started recordings for their first full-length album "Colour My Skin" in 2004. The band members took on production of the album themselves, while at the same time continuously touring across the country to widen their reach and consequently their dedicated fan base.

April 2005 saw the release of "Colour My Skin" on Woost's newly founded label In Goat We Trust, nationally distributed by Konkurrent. Dutch press and public showed themselves equally positive, resulting in more touring and a sense of excitement around the band and their future.

The press
"What a record! Track 3 is a deranging song with heavy dynamics able to steal my soul away after only hearing half of it. This song alone is more beautiful than Saybia's "These Are the Days" altogether. Comparisons with Saybia stop here though, because the songs on this album are so much more daring, musicianship is impeccable and the singer has a wonderful voice."
File Under / Drijfzand (April 2005, on "Colour My Skin")

"...Finally a Dutch export product from the melancholic guitar-rock scene to be proud of."
3VOOR12 Utrecht (May 2004, on performance in Ekko 12-5-2004)

"One jewel after another! Woost could well be the sensation 2004!"
LiveXS (September 2003, on performance at Breda Barst Festival 6-7-2003)

"Woost enthralls effortlessly. Highly recommended!"
Music Maker (September 2003, on the "Red EP")


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red ep- 2003
woost- 2002
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