Santa Cruz, California, USA

Sly, sassy, sultry, streetwise, and slightly smug, Wooster's sound is a party-ready mix of California reggae and Aretha Franklin-esque soul, spiced up with hints of Motown, surf, Latin rock, funk and hip-hop. Think Sublime after anger management, or No Doubt on soul serum.



• Released second full length album - "If All the Dew Were Diamonds" in October of 2012

• Song 'New York' used in Pix 11 commercial as well in the 'A New York Minute' episode of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition on Lifetime.

• Song 'Ooh Girl' hitting #1 on the charts in Guam. First tour of Guam including a five night residency at the hottest club on the island, Ralphy's.

• Made their first trip to Austin, TX for SXSW this past March. Did it totally DIY and had over 10 unofficial showcases.

• One of Wooster’s new tracks being featured in a Universal Audio international promotional video for their new Apollo system which debuted at NAMM 2012

• Securing a monthly showcase at The Boom Boom Room in San Francisco.

• Performing with some of their favorite contemporaries including Rubblebucket, The Bright Light Social Hour and The Hold Up.

• Hitting over 2,500 likes on Facebook and over 100,000 views on Ooh Girl YouTube video.

• Playing numerous summer festivals including Whole Earth, Wordfest, Bask Music, Rocking Roots, ZuhGfest, Capitola Twilight and the Crow’s Nest Beach Party.

• Released their debut full-length album “The Heights of Things” in 2009.

More about the band:

Caroline Kuspa - (Lead Vocals) With a voice coming straight from the depths of her soul, Caroline's singing chops and emotive power will move you. From the most delicate tearful melodies to the sassiest delta blues queen this side of the Mississippi, let's just say Aretha would be proud. Fresh on the stage for the last two years Caroline keeps the crowds filing through the door for more, more, more.

Brian Gallagher - (Vox, Rhythm Guitar) If you wanna know what the music is about, witness Gallagher's emphatic attack of strings and mic. With sonic courage from the strength of the band and a raw honesty in his lyrics, Brian lays it down in loving memory of Sammy Davis and the wet streets of New York City.

Zack Donoghue - (Lead Guitar) Local heartbreaker since the age of 11, Zack brings the sounds of Cali roots straight from the heart of Santa Cruz. Part rock, part skank, and entirely tasteful, his power is in his fresh 'Strat' tone and his ability to fatten up even the thickest of beats. Call it reggae, rock, funk, or hip hop, Zack came to make it sexy.

Bobby Hanson - (Bass Guitar, Guitar) When it comes to Bobby's technical prowess and inventiveness on his instrument it's a matter of interplanetary exploration. He drinks the same milk as Bootsy Collins, and take's his responsibility as 'keeper of the funk' as a professional and lifelong obligation. Bobby is dedicated to the dance floor, and doesn't rest until he can feel the steam from the stage.

Nate Fredrick - (Drums) When the drummer stops a rehearsal to arrange a vocal harmony part, change the key, and suggest a new chord voicing on the guitar, you know you've found percussionary gold. The son of a music teacher, Nate started his professional music career before he started shaving, and continues to impress as a musical and mechanical MaGgyver. Broken down van? Busted Amp? In search of a new song part? Find him a spork, a snap bracelet, and a pair of drumsticks and you're right back on the road.


Three Legged Dog

Written By: Brian Gallagher

Tap the brakes cause we was moving too fast
How am I to know the future if I don't know your past
firt thing we gotta do is exchange a little truth
think of it as an extended interview
so stop, what if you don't get the job
And ya already gave me all the love that you got
was a cash crop and the value just dropped
see I been looking for a long term investment
Thats what the sex meant
but I guess that I was wrong about you too
So hasta la vista, it was really nice to meet ya
but you don't keep it real so mama said I couldn't keep

I will be riding on that midnight train
And I don't know when it's coming in
but if you were there to pick me up
you know I would give you all of my love.

Yeah and, what would you do if you woke up tomorrow
and you found that I was gone
Well I ain't the tyoe of man to give advice
but if I were you I would just move on
I gotta heart like a three legged dog
and it don't sleep unless it's laying in the stree
on that cold concrete

I will be riding on that midnight train
And I don't know when it's coming in
but if you were there to pick me up
you know I would give you all of my love.

I will be riding on that midnight train
And I don't know when it's coming in
but if you were there to pick me up
you know I would give you all of my love.