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Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands | INDIE

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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"New Woost’s a pleasant surprise * * * *"

Eight years and three albums, but dutch rock band Woost didn’t harvest what was to be expected based on the individual qualities of each member. But on 6 Minutes South, their debut for Marike Jager’s record label (Morning Coffee Records) everything falls into place. It turned out to be a nice, no-frills rock album. Just guitars, bass and drums. And Koen-Willem Toering’s passionate, somewhat ragged voice of course.

The comparison with Radiohead is no more, the new sound is leaning more towards Buffalo Tom or, more recent, Moss. The prizewinning song is the catchy tune Hard to Live With, and it’s radio friendly to boot. A pleasant surprise, this new Woost album.

* Bron: de Volkskrant
* Geschreven door: Gijsbert Kamer
* Gepubliceerd op: 20-05-2010 - Volkskrant

"Woost - 6 Minutes South"

What is it with Woost? With their fourth full length album within five years the band has once again exceeded itself. The musicians have been playing with (label boss) Marike Jager, Roosbeef and Coparck, but 6 minutes south proves that their combined talents produce something special. Anyone that analyses their epic songs, must conclude that Woost is a possible missing link between The Beatles and Motorpsycho, as well as between Radiohead and Sunny Day Real Estate. Engineer Pieter ‘Pidah’ Kloos’ (best known for his work with Motorpsycho) signature sound is noticeable in a couple of tracks, however it is the simplicity of their musical collaboration, balance between melody, words and emotions and the constant intensity which make the band so compelling. Also, the wonderful voice of singer Koen-Willem Toering, whom sings about his break-up with his former love in a beautiful manner, adds to the allure of this band. Who in the Netherlands (and beyond) could possibly fail to notice this magnificent band?

* Published on: juni 2010
* Source: Oor
* Written by: Willem Jongeneelen - Oor magazine

"Woost - 6 Minutes South - 9/10"

The only thing that has been missing for Woost these past years has been a hit single.
Besides that the band has proven, ever since their founding in 2002 and first EP (Red), to belong among the best of The Netherlands. 6 Minutes South is no exception.

The previous three full length albums have all been lauded by critics and fellow musicians for their creativity, wilfulness and musicality. In the Dutch TV program “De Wereld Draait Door” Marike Jager praised Koen-Willem Toering as being the best singer of the Netherlands, and it comes as no surprise that she took in drummer Nicky Hustinx into her own band.


This affiliation continues in her label Morning Coffee Records releasing the band’s newest album 6 Minutes South. And it must be said, this morning coffee is a nice way to start the day. Compared to their previous album Teleskopia, this one is more accessible. This does not mean, however, that Woost has lost its distinct sound.

The difference seems to be that for this fourth album, Woost has chosen a more direct approach to the recording process. This results in less layers and more a four-piece live sound. It must be said, that even without these studio experiments and added bleeps and blops, the band’s strength remains intact.


6 Minutes South has taken a step back from being compared to Motorpsycho and Radiohead, however the resemblance is still present, and a step towards a more poppy field, such as The Dears and Elbow. Which most definitely is not a bothersome addition to their repertoire.

Leaving all the comparisons aside, their Jazzy licks seem to refer to Karate, or challenge Aerogramme in their bombastic titletrack. Woost has developed an even more defined and obvious personal sound.


The ten songs on the album grow on you with every listen, though never cease to surprise. Pop, epic, jazz, rock, grand, intimate, everything seems to be in its right place. Not a single second of these 6 minutes to south tires.

The only thing Woost is still missing is a hit single or a radio hit which will function as a wake up call for the Netherlands. It is then that KW Toering might finally go home with his long due trophy for ‘best singer of the Netherlands’ and Woost can rid itself of the title ‘best kept secret’.


* Written by: Tjeerd Van Erve
* Source: Nu.nl
* Published on: 16-5-2010 - Nu.nl


• 6 Minutes South (full length - Morning Coffee Records/Rough Trade - 2010)
• Welcome To Teleskopia (full length - My First Sonny Weissmuller/Konkurrent - 2008)
• Rumour. Open Your Ears; (full length - Hazelwood Benelux - 2006)
• Colour My Skin (full length - In Goat We Trust Records - 2005)
• Red EP (EP - 2003)



Woost is Koen-Willem Toering, Gijs Coolen, Erik Harbers and Nicky Hustinx. A quartet who have been at it for several years now. The band members have each achieved critical acclaim playing with several other Dutch artists, such as Marike Jager, Coparck and Roosbeef. Their musical experience culminates in Woost's latest release '6 Minutes South' which demonstrates their capability of creating unpredictable alternative pop music. "Making music is an adventure" Woost states and demonstrates on their album: the nineties and seventies resound in their music, through the sometimes edgy and gritty sound in their songs. This specific sound hints at Motorpsycho as well as Radiohead, yet even The Beatles' input can be discerned. Woost merges these influences into some very dynamic music, that works impressively well on record as well as during their live performances.