Almost two years after the release of their debut album, it is time for Woost to present their follow up album, titled "RUMOUR. Open your ears".

We could spend our time telling you what Woost has achieved in the last couple of years, how they tried to reach the public through gigs, how the band started off, and excite you with more cliché biographic stories that will guarantee an interesting text. Or we could talk about the present situation, and the present means a terrific album. We would rather talk about the last topic.

With "RUMOUR. Open your ears;", Woost is delivering an album of excellent quality. The last album was very consuming because they had to do it on their own strength, but now they have the full support of the recently established label "Hazelwood Benelux". For the new album they were looking for someone that could take the sound to the Woost level, concerning the recording and the mix. They found the perfect person, Werner Pensaert (worked with U2, K's Choice) turned out to be the man to be able to accomplish this. Together they have spent a few days in the well known Wisseloord studios, to do the finishing touches on the live recordings that were done earlier at Studio Chateau in Tilburg. Earlier this year there also has been a track recorded by Pieter Kloos (known from Motorpsycho). After the final mix, the tracks travelled down south to Galaxy (Mol, Belgium), where the mastering took place.

The final result is an international product that competes with the big names on grounds of melancholic rock. The band also chooses variation; you will notice this when you suddenly come across a ballad. Think in the line of Saybia, the rocksongs of Motorpsycho, the intimate moments of Radiohead, and you will find Woost. Naturally we would rather let you listen to the album yourself and discover this while the music does it's work.

The last 5 years, WOOST has been actively busy impressing the listeners again and again.


- RUMOUR. Open your ears; (Album, 2007)
- Deliverer (Single, 2006)
- Colour my skin (Album, 2005)
- This mess (Single, 2005)
- Red EP (EP, 2003)