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Woost is a promising young band that is succeeding to deliver an outstanding album that is going to get high results. The songs are modestly melancholic and reflect a purity that makes you want to freeze time and really sit down and listen to them. K.W Toerings silky soft warm voice has an impressive sound. He is the mind behind most of the lyrics, compositions and even productions. Warrior has become my personal favourite because it is a sublime Woost song that will remain in your mind all day long. Wonderful.

(Mark 3,5 Out of 5) - Plato Mania


Nowadays there is an impressive amount of great and successful guitarbands from the Netherlands. But on the other hand, there are few that can match the melancholic sounds of Woost. Nevertheless, this also applies to their debut in 2005 “Boywonder”, that is absolutely a delight to your ears. But still they remained undiscovered, perhaps because of the weird cover design and an inconvenient date of release. Anyhow, Woost grew surely but very slowly, did successful tours (with Krezip among others), and confidently changed the drummer to continue to take it to the next level. The Second album is recorded in a couple of days and sounds much more relaxed than “Colour My Skin”. They got rid of the rough edges and made it more of a smooth ride. Instead of lots of dynamic change of velocity within songs, they have spread it more out over the album, and have made it more of a blend of loud and soft. Koen-Willem Toerings seems to have “flattened” his voice out a bit more, which is unfortunate in my personal opinion because this gives it the sentimental touch just a bit more. Still this is not music for the figure skating rink, you could come across the dangerous sounds like Racoon or A Balladeer. Nonetheless this is and will remain a very refined record, that could possibly even get as popular as these big artists. For the open-hearted ballads “Speak”, “Warrior” or “In you company” – that are outstanding – I warn you not to listen to them to often, but furthermore this is an album that I definitely recommend together with the single “Deliverer” (and their debut dammit).
- File Under


If you can actually learn how to rock in school, remains the question. But that the Rockacademy situated in Tilburg is a breeding ground for Dutch bands. Also the origin of Woost, that got together for a school project. Years after that day the band still exists en now they are presenting a CD that, thanks to the three guitarists, definitely rocks. And for a change, not the Indie-way. Woost creates and atmosphere in a, almost conventional, way. The way it is supposed to be. And a good singer that doesn’t just shout. Also the way it is supposed to be. Great.

(Mark: 3 out of 5)
- Viva


Wishful thinking, the title? These guys shouldn’t have been doing that for years now, the way this band rocks. The audience still was a bit afraid to buy it in masses. More airplay would be very welcome. There are plenty of likely winners that can be played. Warrior or Speak for instance. The traditional popsongs and the powerful voice of Koen-Willem Toering assure that Rumour intrigues. Werner Pensaert, worked with U2 and K’s Choice in the past, mixed the album in the Wisseloord Studios. With this choice Woost chooses for a radio friendly, smooth sound. In contrast to their live performances Woost has created a less wild vibe on the album. The hits will surely come.
- LiveXS

"RUMOUR: Disc of the Month"

Disc of the Month

Pablo Cabenda: Now let’s get rid of all the scepticism that may throw a shadow over the use and credibility of rock academies. Because Woost is one of those gangs that come from the second draft of a pop school. And Woost has graduated musically cum laude. The band is five years of age, and has made the album: “Rumour: Open Your Ears” an album that seduces you while whispering melancholic sound in your ears.
Just the way it should, according to the expenses. The track is mixed in the Wisseloord Studios by Werner Pensaert ( U2, Live and K’s Choice ). And it's definitely not a waste of money, RUMOUR brings ecstasy to your ears. Woost floats between a melodic Radiohead before change of style, and the glorious dreamy guitar pop from The Posies. The opening song “Deliverer”, has the kind of two voiced choir that the Seattle band seemed to have a patent on. And from a fine almost organic feeling for harmony, composer and songwriter Koen-Willem Toering creates 24 karat pop songs. Toering knows what the song wants, but also creates adventurous diversions to keep you focused. At times the group tends to lean a bit heavy on their examples. “Speak” is a perfect bonustrack for Radioheads’ “The Bends”. So be it. There are far worse examples to be thought of. The Dutch education proved itself right.

Jan van der Plas: Woost is the band of three Rockacademie students: Koen-Willem Toering, Jesse Klaasse and Erik Harbers. This alone means nothing now, but their second album “RUMOUR: Open Your Ears” shows us that they have been paying attention in class. The dynamic, style and production is up there among the best of their kind from all over the world, like Coldplay or the early Radiohead. If that particular market has been overfed by now time will tell, but it will not be thanks to the quality of the record. This record is so convincing it makes wonder how this has been created. Woost more or less recorded the songs live at Studio Chateau in Tilrburg. The mix done by the Flemish veteran behind the knobs, Werner Pensaert in Wisseloord Studios. The mastering is done in Galaxy in the Belgian Mol. All very smart choices: You can only spend your hard earned money once, so the best thinkable links were made. In that sense pop music is like Monopoly: If you want to win you go for the streets that get the most out of it and don’t want to waste your money on little alleys.
- Music Maker


- RUMOUR. Open your ears; (Album, 2007)
- Deliverer (Single, 2006)
- Colour my skin (Album, 2005)
- This mess (Single, 2005)
- Red EP (EP, 2003)



Almost two years after the release of their debut album, it is time for Woost to present their follow up album, titled "RUMOUR. Open your ears".

We could spend our time telling you what Woost has achieved in the last couple of years, how they tried to reach the public through gigs, how the band started off, and excite you with more cliché biographic stories that will guarantee an interesting text. Or we could talk about the present situation, and the present means a terrific album. We would rather talk about the last topic.

With "RUMOUR. Open your ears;", Woost is delivering an album of excellent quality. The last album was very consuming because they had to do it on their own strength, but now they have the full support of the recently established label "Hazelwood Benelux". For the new album they were looking for someone that could take the sound to the Woost level, concerning the recording and the mix. They found the perfect person, Werner Pensaert (worked with U2, K's Choice) turned out to be the man to be able to accomplish this. Together they have spent a few days in the well known Wisseloord studios, to do the finishing touches on the live recordings that were done earlier at Studio Chateau in Tilburg. Earlier this year there also has been a track recorded by Pieter Kloos (known from Motorpsycho). After the final mix, the tracks travelled down south to Galaxy (Mol, Belgium), where the mastering took place.

The final result is an international product that competes with the big names on grounds of melancholic rock. The band also chooses variation; you will notice this when you suddenly come across a ballad. Think in the line of Saybia, the rocksongs of Motorpsycho, the intimate moments of Radiohead, and you will find Woost. Naturally we would rather let you listen to the album yourself and discover this while the music does it's work.

The last 5 years, WOOST has been actively busy impressing the listeners again and again.