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Exilecity. Picture a place in Italy close to the highest peak of Europe. A place where you can find pregnant cows fights and later, it ain’t no joke, you can watch it on the evening news. In the last location where you might expect to find a wannabe rapper, there’s a child touring the city’s record stores asking for Rap Music. Every spot, same answer: “Rap? What’s that? Oh, you mean Reggae, right? This is where I’ve lived since the day I was born. Music it’s been my cheese, bread and butter since day one. I got my first radio job rapping. At seventeen, my first time on stage without a single word in English (please, hush, nobody figured it out yet). My first job as club DJ? Once again, droppin’ science on the mic. Few years later I built up my own club: DJ sets, live music and sweet chicks; number one spot in town! But being the owner, DJ, soundman and security all in one, trust me, it’s a hell of a job! Anyway, things from the past. In a country where it’s very hard to find some English knowledge I did my best to get some. English classes? Hell no! Here are my English teachers: Chuck D, Rakim, Ice-T, Kanye… you name it. I’ve learned English with Hip Hop Music for the sake of it. Please, just to get the right feeling and degree of passion, visualize yourself for a second, rapping in French or German; peace of cake, isn’t it? :) Hey, wait a sec… I’m a long way better than Francis the talking mule! Ok… no more dumb s#!+. Over here we have tons of good greaseball MCs spitting with padrino’s language. Not me. I have too much respect for the art and I’ll never put some Swiss cheese on a fine pizza as a mozzarella replacement. I don’t know how my music sounds, I would like to say that it sounds like some Jigga, Snoop or someone else’s joints but, unfortunately, I can’t. I guess it just sounds… like me. What I know is that I’m a visionary with things to say in an attempt for change. My full potential needs a full immersion and if you like it, you can call me WOPAZZ.