I am am a singer songwriter and play rock style music. My songs are generally of a more serious nature geared towards politics, spirituality, and philosophy. I have my own unique sound and style.


My brother Zip Gibson played guitar professionally for a band called Steve Earle and the Dukes. After leaving the Steve Earle band he started his own band called the Zip Gibson Band. When his guitar payer and long time friend David Hudson had to leave the band I began playing with my brother. We worked hard as we could practicing day and night year after year for about 10 years. Check out what zgb.net to see the result of my first ten years of playing music professionally. I eventually grew as a musician and started writing my own music and lyrics. I continue to strive for growth and perfection.


I am working on my first LP right now.It should be finished next year.

Set List

My set is 45 minutes and all original material. I have more songs and can play sets up to two hours in length if needed. I play original music and only play covers to show appreciation to the artist I cover. I cover some John Lennon and other Beatles songs as well as some old blues. Crossroads, Killing Floor, Born Under a Bad sign etc..