Words and Silence

Words and Silence


Words and Silence push on into unexplored territory.
How can we tell the music scene in is growing faster than ever?In a word: diversity! After several years of hardcore-dominated music events, local fans of electronic and metal music finally have something to be excited about!


In summer 2003 Simo and Paul decided to give birth to a band starting from their common interest for Crossover/Metal. They then got in touch with Dani, a singer with an amazing voice living in Milan, but it took another year to complete the band with Ricky, the drummer, who suggested the entry of Ale as second guitarist.

Their adventure was then ready to start in 2005, when they had two concerts coming up for which they began to write their own songs. W&S main feature was the ability to mix solid heavy riffs with interesting and catchy melodic passages, creating a classic USA-based Nu-metal.


Words and Silence, six guys from Milan, Italy, are releasing their new EP. Having spent six long months in the studio, the band's first album is ready to hit not only the national market, but also the European one, expecting to add international supporters to the ones gathered in their mother country.
" It's like a dream coming true. We have always wondered how would it feel to spread our music to the international market, and now we're anxious to know what the European market will think about it", the frontman says.
" We can't wait to see our European fans headbanging with our music!!!", Ricky says.