Words Around the Waist

Words Around the Waist


Words Around The Waist plays catchy rock tunes with folk, jazz, and romantic classical influences. Drama and humour is expressed in the lyrics of the three lead vocalists, and truth and glory are expressed in the mustache of the drummer.


"sounds like a Wes Anderson film"
"They've got a lovely drunken Tom Waits in Berlin kind of feel, you know, just before WW II really got cookin'? You must sell me a CD sometime."
Influences: coffee, blankets, Sharon Jones, Sigur Ros, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, cereal, The Band, Vijay Iyer, Neutral Milk Hotel, Arrested Development.
We play songs about technicolour, pocketwatch inhabitants, reading, sleeping, moving, huckleberry bushes.


Words Around the Waist - Words Around the Waist. September 2008

Set List

Sleep is a Friend
Parties Only Happen at Night
Mid - February
Disappearing Shore
The Sand is Black
You Couldn't Be Any Better
Dressed for the Future
As You Near Me

11 songs. One 45 minute set.