Words Axis

Words Axis

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA
SoloHip Hop

Words Axis is an innovative Emcee focused on using his words move crowds


Words Axis is among many of the progressive artists making a name for themselves on the Underground Hip-Hop music scene. His sound is equivalent to Romaire Bearden using the bristles of a brush to colorfully detail the language of his very existence. Axis is a self-proclaimed versifier, and loves to use descriptive elements to shape the contours of every verse he writes. 

While not yet in the fourth grade, at the age of nine, Words Axis began his journey as a writer. Graphic short story lines engaged by his own set of characters, peppered the lively imagination of the future rhymesayer, and upon turning the age of 11, Axis had written his first rhyme. Influenced by the likes of Run-DMC, Big Daddy Kane, and LL Cool J, to name a few, he began to explore the expansive world of hip-hop music, soon becoming more impassionate by the artform with every exhaling breathe. Open mics, mix tapes, and compilations have been has platform over the past several years and he is thankful for every opportunity to have his voice heard on a more personalized level.

When asked what he intends to achieve with his music he states “My mission as I grow through my music, is to help others grow as a result. Outside of that, I just want to add my unique flavor to the mix, and do so progressively.” Keep your ears open and be on the lookout for a talented and skillful Emcee on the rise, that will soon be rippin’ a stage near you.