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Testimonials and Emails
Edge Ministries
In regards to WordsinRed Ministries: Having worked with this band in various statewide events; they have
proven professional and dependable in every aspect of their business and Ministry. From below freezing cold
in Louisville to 100+ heat in Paducah, it never fazed their ministry. While other groups would have cut it
short or gave a lackluster attempt these young people followed where the Lord was leading. I have never
seen a crowd or a youth ministry who didn’t want these guys back as soon as possible. They have a great
sound and personality and a heart to see Gods people who are hurting return to him. I would personally
recommend this ministry for any event that you are planning. I do want to warn you though. I hope you don’t
invite these guys and just expect them to show up and play some music and leave. They are after Gods own
heart and come ready to minister. I have always been impressed by the obedience from leader to
management. They are in this ministry for the right reasons.
Edge Ministries, American Indian Ministries
Gary Nethery (502)738-5489

Larry Epling Epling Photography
A year ago I would have never known of the great Christian music Kentucky had to offer had it not been for
bands like WordsinRed. WordsinRed brings a mix of upbeat, fun, contemporary music and the love for
worship to every event they play at.I've been fortunate to become friends with David and all of the members
of the band and to have them play at many events that I have hosted.
If you are looking for a band to light the fire of Jesus under you, look no farther than these guys.
Owner/Epling Photo, & Sulphur Springs Church.
Larry Epling (606)-794-4823

C&C Music Group
This is an amazing anointed group. I believe in what they do and believe that many lives will be touched, and
changed by the effective ministry of David and WordsinRed. Almost anyone can play music, sing, and start a
band, but it takes the true, pure, anointing of God to break yokes in people’s lives. This is what they carry.
Jonathon Goodwin C&C Music Group www.assembled.org

DB Max
I have worked with these guys on several different events and I must say that I have a different outlook on
Christian Bands. I have always thought that most were in it for the same reasons as secular bands, the
money and recognition. These guys know how to minister. They have such powerful lyrics in their music. I
don’t think I have never seen a dry eye at an event. I would completely recommend this group to anyone who
would like to invite them.
DB Max
Darrell Boone - Testimonials


Foundation 2006
Imperfect 2008



WordsinRed is a ministry founded in Kentucky and is made up of members from the same church, Green Pastures Worship Center, most serving an active roll in the church. They have taken on the mission to not only see the Kingdom of God expand and to see God get the Glory for it, but also to change the hearts and minds of so many people who think that entertainment is the only thing you can get out of a musical ministry. Although they enjoy playing music, the group has an understanding that the music is not top priority. The music is a vessel for what God wants to do in the lives of his people. They want you to not only come to see a WordsinRed concert, but come expecting to experience a move of God. That’s probably why you will never see these guys in concert and not hear some word. WordsinRed believes that God’s people need to be fed at all times. The group ministers all over leading services for praise and worship and calling up an army from today’s youth that has been stagnant for some time. If you had to put a label on the band and try to figure out who they are like in the business, I'm not sure you would find anyone. From their heart felt lyrics to their anointed guitar riffs WordsinRed is in a zone of their own. WordsinRed has been blessed to share the stage with such groups as Casting Crowns, Leeland, Kutless, and Stellar Kart to name a few. The group has traveled to each corner of the state, also traveling out of state, having concerts with as few as 5 people in attendance to as many as 5000. Now the numbers aren’t important if you don’t see the ministry that was in place. While WordsinRed understands that the only way to pursue their ministry is through concerts the group believes that you don’t have to be in a church to give an altar call. David Adams, founder and lead singer of the ministry, has even been known to give such a service at a Video Store anniversary party. David says, “God is bigger than all things, so why not keep him in the middle of everything you do. “