Words Like Daggers

Words Like Daggers

 Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Words Like Daggers is a five piece alternative-rock band based out of Des Moines, IA that draws influence from artist including Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Circa Survive and anything in between. In 2015 Words Like Daggers signed with Third String Records and shortly after, their debut full-length album, "Perfect Weather" was released on March 18th 2016. The band has been touring consistently since 2012 and have since shared the stage with a number of influential acts.


Words Like Daggers is a five piece alternative-rock band based out of Des Moines, IA that draws influence from artist including Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Circa Survive and anything in between. In 2015 Words Like Daggers signed with Third String Records and shortly after, their debut full-length album, "Perfect Weather" was released on March 18th 2016. The band has been touring consistently since 2012 and have since shared the stage with a number of influential acts that range everywhere from Deftones to Neck Deep. 

"Perfect Weather" has already made a strong impact on listeners and has received many great reviews since it's release just a week ago. The songs are written from an upfront and honest perspective that has allowed a real connection between the artist and audience. One reviewer writes - "Perfect Weather is one hell of a rollercoaster of emotions and puts the perspective of love and relationships into music extremely well." The diversity of the record while staying centered to a collective theme of love and loss makes the music relatable to most and entertaining to anyone.

Words Like Daggers brings the true spirit of hard work to the table in every aspect of their craft. The near future holds plans of near-nonstop touring and continual writing to hone in on their unique sound even more. 


Miss Fortunate

Written By: Words Like Daggers

Rumor has it, the story’s twisted into two. Made out of words, dripping off her lips all over everything. Save your soul. Unforgiven, while you’re lying like a fool. You crave what you can’t have. You take the cake and you eat it too. Hey miss fortunate, won’t you play by the rules? While I’m daring you, betting you’ll lose. Let this roulette swiftly; surely spin into your next regret. You’ll play and play till you’re in to win nothing. Don’t say it’s worth it; we’re half as much as we used to be and you’re burning my light out. Just step aside. You and I both know you’re just a terrible liar.
Here’s to settling everything like a mystery. No apologies, just you and me.


Written By: Words Like Daggers

Sing through this poetry, even if it tastes like the saltiest ink.
Tear me a piece of the page to read, just to make sure you know every ounce of pain I’ve gone through. I’ll hide behind the mirror, you’ll see me like a ghost appeared. I’ve stood beside the moon and I’ve seen that look of fear in you. My dear, I’ve held your face in my minds eye and I know why it’s shown white. Make believe we’re not stuck in between a fool’s hand in this surgery. Slim chance you’ll get another chance, as your faults are so persistent. I smile as I watch you carelessly make your last mistake. It just goes to show below the belt. It makes sense me now, you’re bent on letting go. What’s left within the plot? Is this all for naught? How could I try to see eye to eye with this hazy light? I’m just saying that I wouldn’t see this through for you. Slowly show me the worst way you go out.

Speak Easy

Written By: Words Like Daggers

I’m sitting by the street where time would fly. I’ve got countless moments till she arrives. She’s afraid of picturing me like somebody she used to know. Don’t believe a word they say because every time will complicate this. So tell me why. Pass the flask. Speak easy now. Take your last look into the past and write it out. Got a better view, through with this black glass. Hold on while our heads slip back. And when the movements start spinning all around, don’t be sure I’ll catch you when you’re falling down. Broken like thin glass pieces, just a figure in this old game. Closed eyes see through my lens. Got so many pictures that frame the way you held your end. No, no, she won’t apologize for all the times she spoke like the Devil’s on her shoulder, her words getting colder with every lie, but I won’t be a fool this time. At the top of the hour, left two at the table. At the drop of a hat, you’re seeming unable to remember the words that I told you to read when you’re down on your luck and down on your knees. Whatever way it goes, it’s a two-way road and you’re flying out the window. Just to let you know, if we’re letting go, I’m trying to reach you.

From Sorry To Listless

Written By: Words Like Daggers

You wake to find yourself alone again. It’ll take a while for this to be made into pictures we see every Sunday. When black and grey shows color like it’s meant to be you’ll wake to see the things that you’re dreaming of, always dreaming of. But maybe we’ll see soon enough. Maybe we’re just in over our heads. Like secret treasure held within this troubled territory, I’m a pioneer at best, you’re my sense running dry. So race around like the riot going downtown. Face it let’s blow it up in smoke to burn down. Escape through the window. Your time is running out to walk away. It’s passing like this time in our hands. It’s in this realistic oscillation of best intentions, circling around our thoughts like contemplation, settling the matter in this tension without division. Where we could be. We could be rewound to play it again. So many symptoms from sorry to listless, say that you’re in this, because I’m nearly speechless. Maybe we’re slowly coming down with more than a sickness. Like a fever we can’t sweat out. Don’t wait for the break in this never-ending pressure. Hold out like questions begging for this answer. In debt from the price of this overgrowing cancer. Invested in this, now I’m obviously curious, searching for something in this light reflected, I see what we started. Deep down, you already know how. The truth can’t hide. Now we’re floating away.

Sunny Escape

Written By: Words Like Daggers

Tried to hide in this city parade, like a wish to stay unnoticed. Like a rainy day is hopeless, but so obviously pure. Wasted like the day. This price we pay has cost us all our time. We figure out somehow gotta get out of this place. You and I, daring to find out just why there seems to be some promise in this sunny escape. Led into this it’s speaking my name. So don’t be questioning why we would stay away. Look alive just like we’re feeling all right, but this gist just says we want out. As our eyes are begging for this, it’s so obviously sure. You know we’ll be the ones to carry on. Show me how to get through, say it like you’ll be the glue. It’s over, thick and thin; it’s sink or swim. Getting closer to the end of this sorry situation. Got what you paid for. Take what you came for.

Under The Gun

Written By: Words Like Daggers

Tread quietly; tighten up the pacing because you’ve snuck too far to turn back. Walk across the line to make them believe you’re just drunk enough to dance with the Devil. My tears, they taste like alcohol. I’m drunk on the perfume of your burning skin. You are the one fooling with the camera so violently to disguise the plot with your alibi. So suddenly, sick of what you’ve become Being the one under the gun before the next shot is fired. Just get a grip, don’t let it slip away from the fingers of the last hand you played. Eyes on the prize, you know what’s best since you’re the only one left to make a difference in this. Next question is, who’s next in line? And who’s that, getting away from what’s left to say? Next question is, who’s next in line to make me forget? Forget the way you took away everything. Forget the weight you held over me.

Dead Weight

Written By: Words Like Daggers

You made me do it. Say it isn’t fair. Tonight’s the night to pay for your mistakes for a change. Set it up so I can take your breath away. Don’t believe you’ll have a need for it where you’ll be. Follow these last words I say to you. You’ll feel so alive for the last time. They’ll know your name and see your face in all the headlines, top of the front page, and all the street signs. Trying hard to just to forget, but I know that you are dead, down in the basement next to all the time that I had wasted. You twist and tremble. Don’t make this just like pulling teeth. Get used to the taste of the salt between your cheek. You’ll be a dead weight sinking so deep into the cold sea. As you choke on the water in your lungs, wash away like a sigh of god. The attention you crave is coming soon, like a cinematic showing of how we’ll never see you again.

Nothing Left To Prove

Written By: Words Like Daggers

So come on over. You can tell me about how you’ve been waiting, complicating, like your worlds all spun around. Don’t you know, I’ll be right there letting the silence keep us resting? I’m still waiting for your love you said was true. Falling for you was the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do. Think you’ve said enough. Take back every word like you were all wrong. Couldn’t be long, wouldn’t belong. Till there’s nothing left to prove we’ll move along. Do you remember the time when you thought that you had it all figured out? You can tell me about how you’re a nervous wreck now. Come away with me. Don’t stay away. Come away with me. Getting out of this town. Come away with me. When everything has bled black and blue all over, you’ll be singing like there’s hope in every single color. This reminiscence plays like a carousel of pictures. Playing just for you like it’s new.


Written By: Words Like Daggers

Searching surely around every direction. I’m seeking anything suspiciously skewed. Like the fingerprints they found at the scene here. There’s identity within this evidence. Right down the road, I hear the ambulance. One chance, we’ll dance just like the siren spinning around. So close to the ghost, so close, he’s at the end of the hall. Feels like illusion, this point of view bittersweet with clues. Secrets handed from this sleeping eye we’re seeing through. Caught in this dream, but now I wake to find these images were proof, like a pointing hand that traced the footsteps back to you. Slowly pulling at the foot of your bedside is the same disciple who’s been visiting you. Now if you’re so overwhelmed and it’s hard to stay in tune, let yourself slip away from what’s come over you.

Perfect Weather

Written By: Words Like Daggers

Now it’s you and I with the same old feeling. Such tension in this hold, it feels so forever. Now it’s so good, you just can’t trust it. Maybe because of appearance, but no it’s not poisonous. We’re so indivisible. Let it play in your head like this feels so forever. Just know we’re not faking it. Don’t forget this, this is how we harden. Don’t you know it’s the only way we become diamonds? Don’t worry, darling. I’ll be waiting this out, sitting in perfect weather after it’s swept away with rain. Say you wouldn’t ever take me for granted like no chance that you will because the way that you want it. Patiently waiting as best as I can for a moment to breathe easier, now the second’s at hand. Believe me when I say I’ll always be right here even when the night seems dimly lit in this somber moonlight. I miss you so. Whenever it feels like a nightmare, picture me with you. Don’t you be scared. Whenever it feels like a nightmare, think of how we do. Soon I’ll be there.



• Out March 18th, 2016 on Third String Records
• Mixed and mastered by Joseph McQueen at Echalon Studios
• Available through itunes, amazon, spotify, and more