Words Now Heard

Words Now Heard


Words Now Heard is a blend of Pop/Rock/Indie and Soul that has been "wowing" crowds since 2001. Chris Martin's writing is honest and heart-felt and you can really tell by his energetic live performances.


Words Now Heard began as an outlet for singer/songwriter Chris Martin to share his gift of an emotionally charged live show. Now, the music that has become a fixture of South Florida is available nationwide through JMB Records.

In the past year alone, Chris has performed nearly 150 shows nationally. His drive to get his music to the masses earned him slots on 2005's Fed Ex Orange Bowl, Vans Warped Tour, Bamboozle Festival and the Florida Music Festival. For one man and an acoustic guitar, his accomplishments without label or booking support impressed fans and industry players alike. Chris has shared the stage with a neverending list of national acts and his music has inherent qualities of truth and melody, aiding to his ability to win fans from a spectrum of genres.

Now signed to Florida's JMB Records and Distributed by Sony RED, Words Now Heard released the highly anticipated album "Loud and Clear" on October 18th 2005. The quality and energy of this realease quickly generated over 25,000 plays on www.purevolume.com and over 8,000 Friends/Fans on www.myspace.com

"I feel I really captured how my music has grown with me in the past year," says Chris of his new recordings. "It is a combination of the music I love to listen to and perform, and a lyrical depiction of
events in my life."

As Chris grows, his music grows with him, and this latest effort is a snapshot in time of the world of Words Now Heard. For more information including upcoming tour dates, visit www.wordsnowheard.com.


Loud And Clear

Written By: Chris Martin

I've been searching for a new direction,
now that I'm finally out here on my own.
Past regrets and a little recollection,
have brought me back to the place that I call home.

And I'm out and on the road again,
watching the clock as the weekends pass me by.

Turn up Turn up Turn up Turn up the radio. Turn it up loud
Get up Get up Get up Get up and get out,I gotta get out of this town.
I wont run, I wont leave until I stand and face my fears,
Am I coming in loud and clear?

I've been hunting for a new connection,
to pull me in and help me feel less alone.
And now I'm facing a head-on-collision,
I've gotta jet before my cover is blown.

And I'm out and on the road again,
watching the rearview as the weekends pass me by.

And Im gone, im off to live my life
with nothing but the sound of the stereo and my six string to survive

Home Is Where My Heart Is

Written By: Chris Martin

Tell me what you want to hear, You've taken this too far
The air is dry the sky is clear and I see your star falling

Baby Please, you've taken me for granted
I'm on my knees, and I'm begging you to go home

I will go back to the start and let you back in my heart again,
I'll try to go back to the start and let you back in my heart again.

Tell me what you want to hear, you've taken this too far
I'll wipe away your drying tear, and be your strength when you're alone.

We don't think this is working out for the better,
because you keep bringing me to my knees.
You have taken all that you've been giving but,
you wont stop until all your dreams are complete.
But there not complete without me.


The Experience EP (June 2001)
Bridges (August 2003)
Long Drives and Lullabies EP (Omerta Group - August 2005)
Loud And Clear LP (JMB Records - October 2005)

Set List

Words Now Heard can play energetic, awe inspiring sets of mostly originals at a 35-60 min legnth.

Covers always vary per show, usually only one per show, and in any genre from 80's or pop/rock to hip-hop, and all the way to soul!