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Fairbanks, Alaska, United States | SELF

Fairbanks, Alaska, United States | SELF
Band Rock Avant-garde


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"The(se) Doors"

With This Door to Remain Closed During Work Hours (called These Doors for short); everything seems to come together to their advantage, even though nothing is concrete, even their name.
They have been called These Doors to Remain Closed, This Door to Remain Closed, These Doors to Remain Open, it all depends on who you talk to.
Even their songs have changed since the band first started.
"If you listen to the first recording of 'Mr.800-11', from our first show at the coffee shop, and then you listen to the recording, they are hugely different. I don't even know how I did some of the stuff from that show, nothing was planned out," said Caleb Kuntz, 21, who plays guitar and sings back-up.

Different Stokes
These Doors are not your typical band. For one, the members were in very different bands before. Kuntz was in Dumbnation when he was in high school, while EJ Skinner, 19, who plays bass and sings, and who also came up with the idea for These Doors, was in two punk bands; You're Fired and The Scurvies.
Jack Ewers, 16, who plays guitar, is still in The Muldoonies, a ska band, and Chad File, 20, who plays drums has played a variety of bands, the most recent Cutthroat Fashion, before joining These Doors. Although every member comes from a different musical background, they are able to bring their differences together successfully.
Skinner cites band like Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Do Make Say Think and Explosions in the Sky as his influences and what led him to think of the idea for These Doors.
"We aren't a dancing band," says Ewers. With songs more than 10 minutes long, Kuntz figured that people would need something else to do, so he started bringing several TVs to the shows and playing videos while the band was playing. The band has always had somewhat of an apocalyptic theme, and have shown movies such as "Apocalypse Now," "King Kong vs. Godzilla," and a documentary about atomic bombs.

Breaking up?
They will be playing two more shows before Skinner leaves for South Korea to visit his dad for an indefinite amount of time.
In the meantime, Kuntz will continue to play in smaller jam-band projects and the others are forming plans of their own.

Almost There
These Doors have recorded an album at 10th Planet Studios, with Pat Fitzgerald and Robin Dale Ford.
The CD features 5 songs and is called, "...almost there."
"My favorite part of this band is having a CD that I'm really proud of," said File.
-Caitlin Richmond

This article was written in February of 2006. We have since gotten back together and are regularly playing shows again with all the original members. - Fbx Square

"Achieve Albeit an Absence Review"

Jazz and Rock. Funk and Metal. Some rather odd music genre mixtures have turned out to be great. Some of course, not so much (I'm looking at you, Cross-Eyed Joe, you country-techno atrocity!). Achieve Albeit An Absence, however, manages to make a surprisingly loveable record with the amazing amalgamation they've conjured up. This Door To Remain Closed During Work Hours (who I will refer to as These Doors, the name on the actual cd disc, from now on) play what I can only consider "Jam-oriented Progressive Rock with Hardcore Overtones in the Style of Meddle/Animals era Pink Floyd and Alexisonfire." The band also thrives on a near Techno vibe, with excessively long songs and repetitive riffs and beats. That's another thing about These Doors. They take repetition and turn it into an intricate artform. They'll jam on a riff for minute-long lifetime and suddenly change tempo as flawlessly as Iron Maiden or a death metal band, while still staying alarmingly original. Something that really sticks out for me is the bass playing. Ej Skinner plays it like a third guitar, with relentless riffing and an occasional bout of tremolo-picking. While I enjoy the whole album, the last three tracks really do it for me. Just Another Example of Adults Transforming Your Magic...Into Static follows a Primus-like formula, and sounds like it was mixed backwards. If you were to split the song into section, it sounds like it starts with finale (which contains a chilling narration of what sound like a first-person account of spontaneous combustion), and ends with the intro. Mr. 800-11 is (a) daunting track, coming in at over 18 minutes. The intro sounds very much like the intros to Alice Cooper's Welcome To My Nightmare and Yes' Roundabout. There's also a neat melody near the mid-point of the song that sounds the love theme from The Godfather, fitting as, just like the movie, I could listen to this exhaustingly long track over and over. Before I Go To Bolivia is a wonderful track, with a very emotional reading of a Cuban revolutionary's journal. I'm going to go ahead and assume it's Che Guevera's, but I could be wrong. These seem to be the only of the album's sporadic lyrics that pertain to a song title. Overall, Achieve Albeit An Absence is a beautifully ambient and well put together album, which perfectly suits as background or "sleeping" music (trust me on that one), but is still worth of car stereo status. It truly amazes me that anyone these days, let alone college students ("kids these days") have the patience, talent, and musicianship to write 10+ minute epics that are easy and enjoyable to listen to.
4 stars (out of 5)
-Ross Keith - Youthink Magazine


as "work"
2010 - "simple machines." LP
2010 - "sunnyside sessions" EP

as "This Door to Remain Closed During Work Hours"
2008 - "Life at the bottom of the sea" EP
2007 - "Achieve Albeit an Absence" LP
2006 - "...almost there" EP



Began in the ashes of "This Door to Remain Closed During Work Hours", "Work" is a revamping of old ideals within a new context. Chad, Caleb and EJ bid farewell to Jack and Eric was garnered in on Keyboards. Adding an ethereal layer atop the seasoned post-rock sound.

Just as the name has changed n' shortened, so has the music. With some songs ending in under 2 & 1/2 minutes the group has taken a fresh approach to song-writing, concentrating on the audience above all else. Whether it's keeping the songs short n' sweet or it's getting people to clap, count, whistle and hum along; Work is changing the approach of Instrumental music