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The Workshop began when friends from a band that had disbanded ten years earlier, got together to get the creative juices flowing again.

In the years since The Workshop has released an album “Tired and Dirty” in 2005 and an EP in 2006. These recordings feature all original material.

They play regularly at a variety of Pubs and Clubs along the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW.

Their live performances provide an opportunity to showcase their own original material. Their inspiring originals have led to regular venues at the Manning Hotel (Taree), Lakes and Oceans (Forster residency), and the Australian Hotel (Wingham). Highlights have been supporting Jenny Morris and being chosen as featured artists at the Wingham Acoustic Festival. Other community events such as the Jeans for Genes Day and the Cancer Relay for Life have rounded out their calendar.


The Workshop were very pleased to be included in Sounds Like Cafe Volume #14. SoundsLikeCafe has been established with the specific purpose of distributing quality Australian music to cafes and coffee shops throughout selected areas of Australia. Each SoundsLikeCafe CD features some of Australia's most highly regarded musicians and composers as well as new releases from up and coming artists. Each track is available to hear online and previous volumes may be viewed

In January 2007 the band played 15 gigs, touring across the local area through the holiday season. This led to regular bookings on a six week rotation at 4 venues throughout the remainder of 2007.

Prior CD releases have been distributed by MGM Distribution, and copies forwarded to AMRAP and local radio stations. The radio stations have been very supportive and provide good airplay. Radio National (ABC) also gave an interview to promote the 2005 CD.

The CD‘s are for sale online at One of the most interesting things to come out of the CD baby site was contact from a Belgium radio jock requesting the CD for regular air play, and he actually has sent play lists !


A brief plan of the bands short term goals are :

1. To complete the next CD by November 2007
2. Aim to release next single on Sounds like Cafe CD
3. Move into festival scene
4. Maintain a strong online presence

The Workshop, has the current plan of completing another album. Six tracks are down and the aim is for a November 07 release date. It is then anticipated that another Workshop single will be included on a Sounds Like Cafe compilation later in the year to coincide with this. The Workshop will time the release with a short coast tour at pubs and clubs., comprised of a circuit of venues that have helped the band in the past and always provide a good night for the punters.

In the longer term the band is aiming to focus on playing music festivals, ones that are appropriate to the band’s musical style, and reaching a broader audience. The pub scene has really become tired and dirty and the Festival scene offers a fresh future for musicians.

The Workshop are committed to growing and being part of the Australian Music Industry, and are members of Sonic Bids and of APRA.

For further information on the Workshop please visit

Thanks for your interest in the Workshop.



Tired and Dirty - Oct 2004 - 12 track album
EP "WS" released Feb 2006 available thru
Sounds Like Cafe Compilation Vol14 DEC 2006
Sounds Like Cafe Compilation Vol 18 Oct 07
Drive This Car "album" TBA NOV 24 O7
all releases available thru
and Thru I tunes



The Workshop History

The 3 again became one.

In summary, it started with Raw Material, that got bashed and reshaped in the Workshop , to become Tired and Dirty

The PreHistory

It all really started at Mondrook Hall, with a young Kev and Dave playing, well actually only half playing. They knew two songs, both they could play only ½ way thru “Evil Ways” and “Black Magic Women” but they had ‘looks to kill’ and guitars that were the envy of their mates. They would not play the Doors because they thought it was ‘old hippy’ music, but come the 80‘s they thought the Doors were cool.

At this same time Steve was gigging around Sydney, both Solo and Duo. “Mayne and Benjamin” was the duo and a big gig was lunchtime appearances in the ampitheatre at Martin Place. Wine Bars in North Sydney as well became regular gigs.

Meanwhile Mick was a gleam is his parents’ eyes; little did they know… a drummer was to be born.

The unison of Steve with Dave and Kev came about at Taree RSL.
Steve sang in the Buzz Boys, and on tour at Taree RSL did a gig with Eyes, which was Kev and Dave’s band. Steve later moved to the area and looked the guys up for a jam. He scared the guys a bit, they thought he was too keen. He thought the country hicks wouldn’t keep up with him. But mutual admiration came through and the band formed under the name RAW MATERIAL. These guys had an immediate bond, a strong easy relationship with no ego. Everyone had freedom to explore their own artistic space, and a real dynamic developed that they didn’t loose . In fact this band went on to The Yamaha M Rock competition in 1992. 2 demo songs were sent in “Island” and “Lights”. Out of around 1500 bands, 200 got to play in heats in Sydney. The first heat was at the Great Northern in Chatswood, then from 8 heats around Sydney , 8 bands got to play at The Harbourside Brasserie in the final for NSW . The band smuggled Beers in cos glasses were $5 each, way too much to afford out of gig money. Anyway they didn’t get best band in the State, and a couple of weeks later the drummer had a heart attack, 3 main arteries were blocked and he thought drumming wouldn’t give him a good future.

They all went separate ways, but kept music in their vision and their veins.

Dave stepped into the Blue Sliders with Jeff, Panky, and Pete (ex Cruel Sea).

Kevin’s band evolved into Weeve and led him to Sydney in search of bigger and better things; they released 2 independent CD’s both distributed through MGM. They played many gigs sharing the bill with LoTel, Machine Gun Fellatio, the Porkers, and whoever was around at the time!

Steve after Raw Material, went off and made money to raise his children.

Meanwhile Mick was still soiling his nappies at preschool

The current incarnation of the Workshop was rekindled when Steve rang Dave, after a bottle of red, and played him some original songs thru the phone.
From this Steve enticed Dave to jam in the Workshop of a caryard. To warm up for the jam they always had a few beers first at the Manning Hotel (usually on Women’s Dart night). Sometimes the pull of the beers was stronger than the need for a jam and music never eventuated, but occasionally they did get around to the workshop and some songs came out. The songs “ 5 minutes” and “Way to Keep you” formed at this time.

About a year later Kev, yearning for the country life, returned to the Mid North Coast bringing a recording studio with him. He joined Steve and Dave at the workshop and brought his acoustic guitar. The coming back together again was really natural and inspiring, the comfort zone kicked in. The music that they played and the drive between them was reignited, and the tragedy of their split in the past gave them vigour to make it all happen again. The nucleus of the 3 had again gained momentum, with compassion , and the experience of the years in between.

But they needed a drummer!
At this time a talented year 12 Wingham High music student, Mick, ventured to Kevin’s Studio to put down drum tracks for his HSC major work. Kevin saw the potential! Mick mentioned that he would like some band experience, and he would be happy to play with the old boys despite their grey hairs contrasting with his blond surfie kicks. This led to Mick recording a few songs on the first Album “Tired and Dirty”; the bond formed cemented him as the drummer for their second EP and local gigs. Mick continues to juggle his drumsticks with his university degree.


A song from the EP “All Things Change” was chosen to feature on the Foghorn Records Sounds Like Café release in November 2006. This CD is distributed Australia wide to Café Chains.

Their inspirational compositions have also provided the backing track to Martin Dunn’s surfing videos, so their appeal covers a diverse audience!

Highlights of their live performances have been supporting Jenny Morris and being chosen as featured artists at the Wingham Akoosti