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World Famous Johnsons

Denver, Colorado, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010

Denver, Colorado, United States
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Indie


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"The World Famous Johnsons - Hitchhiking is Overrated"

A few weeks ago I realized that I had an album that I should have talked about long ago. Its been out for a while but some have never heard it. For that I need to apologize to the guys from The World Famous Johnsons. So I have listened to Hitchhiking is Overrated a few more times and even let my Grandson dance to it (so I know he likes it). I have to say I am disappointed in myself for not listening better sooner. I have said this kind of thing before and having to say it pisses me off to have too. In a different time,a different place Radio would be all over this and so would so many people. Songs like Sunshine Baby and Rollin’ are the ones that really stick out but they are all Radio, if not friendly, Ready. Listening to this feels like I am back were my mind says my body should be. Back in my 20s or more like the late 80’s. While the sound is updated enough to be fresh and new it is also familiar enough that after a listen or two you fall right into the music. If I were in the club it would be easy to stand at the stage and enjoy the feeling of Rock-n-Roll. Martyrs and Rockstars starts out as that Power Ballad that we all love and kicks into almost a Punkish Thrash. You can hear the influences of so many on Hitchhiking. There is lots of Faster Pussycat and Motley Crue here, different but so familiar. If you don’t know The World Famous Johnsons you should, If you haven’t listened to Hitchhiking is Overrated even more so you should. - Mike Martin from Unfiltered & Unaffected

"World Famous Johnsons Q&A by Best 303 Sounds"

World Famous Johnsons are an original band that are best known for groove and hook oriented music. They are also known to cover songs from Dogs of Pleasure, Jimmy Hendrix, Rob Zombie, and even Van Halen in live settings. Their roster of players runs deep in local and national music history. Ace Johnson and Julian Anderson played in numerous original bands, culminating in the founding of World Famous Johnsons. Scott Parker, who played with Rob Squires and Brian Nevin of Big Head Todd and The Monsters, likes to joke and say he “was eventually replaced by the gifted Todd Park Mohr.” Matthew Johnson who has written, recorded and played with Jack Russell and Great White for over a decade adds a new level of credibility and professional qualifications to the WFJ mix. Jimmy Strickler is a long time friend and professional partner of the band engineering and helping produce previous and current CD projects.

What is the name of your band/Who’s in the band?

World Famous Johnsons (WFJ)

Ace Johnson – Singer, Guitar, Songwriter

Matthew Johnson – Guitar, Keyboards, Singer, Songwriter

Scott Parker – Bass, Cowbell, Singer, Songwriter

Jimmy Strickler – Studio Drummer, Musical Guru

Julian Anderson RIP (1963-2012) – Musician and King of the World

How did each of you meet?

Ace and Scott met in the 90’s forming an original band called Bone Circus with drummer Damion Alexander and guitarist Shane Delray who would all be members of WFJ eventually at the same time. Bone Circus opened for numerous national touring acts as well as playing the club circuit in the Denver and Colorado Springs regions, including The Broadway, Bangles, After the Gold Rush, Alibis, Cricket on the Hill, and The Pit in Colorado Springs. Notable members included Andy Pfeiffer, Phil Sudberry, Bret Neal, and Chris Dellinger.

The Denver Music Scene has always been an intimately connected community, and looking back, one could say that it was inevitable that this group of musicians would one day come together as the World Famous Johnsons.

Ace Johnson said he can trace the band’s origins back to one gig, a long time ago.

“Bone Circus was playing The Cricket on the Hill. We were halfway into the set when this guy made his way to the stage,” Johnson remembers.“He climbed onto the stage, walked past Shane over to Damion where he stumbled and crashed into the drums knocking everything over, cymbals, floor tom—spilling his drink everywhere on the stage. How rock and roll is that? RULA BULA!” That guy’s name was Julian Anderson from the Dogs of Pleasure.

Now skip ahead a few years to 2009 when Ace Johnson and Julian Anderson would bump into each other at a Christmas party at the Gothic Theater. It had been over a decade since the two had talked, but by the end of the night the two would agree to join forces forming a band that Julian’s soon to be wife Gretchen would state “…ultimately became the World Famous Johnsons”

In the Dogs of Pleasure Julian played bass, however in WFJ he was set on playing lead guitar. This forced Ace to play bass in the three piece lineup with drummer Jimmy D now with Mr. Steak. Ace was more interested in fronting the band vocally and kept asking bass player Scott Parker repeatedly to join. On December 17, 2011 Scott would join WFJ on stage playing for a WFJ EP release party at the legendary Lions Lair on Colfax Avenue with Pipe Wrench Fight and Driven by Turmoil. Denver’s own Uncle Nasty, Gregg Stone, introduced the World Famous Johnsons to an amazing amount of friends and fellow musicians including members of Horse, Grace’s Period, The 5th of Never, and Lola Black who came out to see what the hell are the World Famous Johnsons!

Soon after the Lions Lair show Scott joined the band as a full member and took on the task of booking WFJ. Scott became friends with Kirk Young from the band Pressure Point and one day Kirk mentioned to Scott that Pressure Point was going to open a show for Jack Russell’s Great White. Immediately this got Scott’s attention because this would be a high profile, heavily attended show and a good fit for WFJ. Scott contacted the venue promoter on numerous occasions and was turned down no less than five times to be on the bill. However, the World Famous Johnsons would be on the bill and would meet Great White’s guitar player, Matthew Johnson, who said to Scott in conversation, “I really like the name of your band!”

The next time Jack Russell’s Great White came on tour through Denver WFJ were on the bill again—this time as a one guitar band because of Julian Anderson’s passing.WFJ asked Matthew Johnson if he would like to sit in at the show and play guitar on the title track of the CD “Hitchhiking Is Overrated.” Without hesitation, Matthew agreed. The show featured opening bands Flood of Souls and Sanity’s Edge, all of which are part of the Best 303 Sounds family of 50 unsigned bands from the Denver, Colorado metro area and code. Claire at Best 303 Sounds, and a musician herself, supports bands with a passion without asking for any monetary support and is an absolute treasure in the music scene.

How did you come up with your band name?

The band name World Famous Johnsons was brought in by Ace and rejected at first. Ace had always thought it was a great name for a band without being tied to any particular genre. Eventually after playing under a couple different monikers the band adopted the name and the World Famous Johnsons were born.

How would you describe your music?

We come from diverse musical backgrounds and that is reflected in our music. The CD Hitchhiking is Overrated contains mostly straight forward rock songs. The new music we are working on has rock elements, but will also have a much more diverse alternative style.

What is your songwriting process like?

Every song has its own unique way of coming together. There is no set process. Someone will bring a demo or idea to the group and we build from there. Everyone has a personal studio now which makes creating and sharing legitimate and intelligible demos much more streamline.

What was your favorite show you’ve played?

There have been numerous favorite shows. The one that really comes to mind would be the first time playing with Jack Russell’s Great White. This show established World Famous Johnsons as a legitimate big show band and introduced us to our future guitarist Matthew Johnson.

How has your band changed over time?

Getting to this point has not been the smoothest journey, says Scott. “What was supposed to be fun became very sad and too real when we lost Julian. It was hard to play shows without Julian, but he told us he wanted us to keep the band rolling. Julian was without question one of the most sincere and talented people in the world.” In 2013 when the guitar spot opened up with the departure of Donnie Crisp, Matthew Johnson was one of the guitar players on the short list that Ace and Scott were interested in playing and song writing with. It was ironic that around the same time Matthew had parted ways with Jack Russell’s Great White. WFJ contacted Matthew to see what his interest level would be. Matthew was interested and began writing and recording guitar tracks on the WFJ song “All Ready Dead (Now)” which has been released as a single for a limited time free download (or at . Matthew Johnson’s guitar work on “All Ready Dead” impressed Scott and Ace so much that they asked him to join WFJ as a full member to co-write the next CD project. Matthew agreed and that CD is in the works. The CD will feature a single written by Julian and WFJ called Long Way Gone which has a heavy funky Aerosmith vibe.

What can we expect in the future from you?

As mentioned previously, we are working on a full CD length project that will release the end of 2014 or early 2015. The World Famous Johnsons have played with a lot of friends and bands over the course of the past years and look forward to reunions in the future. We are currently considering options for show date possibilities which may include Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX, Japan? and a return to Colorado’s Wolf Fest on October 11th 2014, so stay tuned by visiting or checking out the WFJ facebook page.

What was your best and worst experience (or performance) as a band?

Obviously the worst experience was losing Julian to his battle with cancer. But, through his fight he maintained a level of professionalism that was exceptional. He would work a regular job, go to chemo therapy, along with numerous doctors’ visits, and would still go play a show or practice with the band at night. This happened numerous times. He was a shining example to us all and brought out the best in people around him! Everyone who knew Julian loves and misses him!

What does Claire & Best 303 Sounds mean to you and how is it different from other promoting companies?

We cannot sing enough praises about Claire and Best 303 Sounds. We joined her Best 303 Sounds family because she supports bands with a passion. Whether it is promoting a Best 303 Sounds show or supporting a Best 303 Sounds Band at another promoters show; Claire gives unconditional support, asking bands only to share the word about the Best 303 Sounds. She also provides bands with a music sharing application on at her own expense. Another ironic thing about Claire and Best 303 Sounds is that they are based in Wyoming where she lives! She gives all this support to Colorado Bands from a state away! Again, we love you Claire …you rock!

If a record deal presented itself to you – would you take it and are you ALL ready to take it to the next level?

Well that’s the million dollar question. There are all types of record deals from small indie offers to large big label deals. So, to answer this question, if a deal was offered and made sense yes we would consider it, and we are always reaching for new levels.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

We would like to say thank you to everyone that has supported World Famous Johnsons on the musical journey. Whether being a World Famous Friend, Fan, Crew member, Band member, Promoter, Venue, Media associate, etc… We are always humbled by the fact that people like our music and us! Special thanks to Claire and Best 303 Sounds as well as for working with us on this interview…RULA BULA! This basically means Good Times with Good Friends…WFJ

Visit World Famous Johnsons on Facebook, and don’t forget to download the new Best 303 Sounds app free on the Apple and Droid app stores. - Bluestribute and Best 303 Sounds


World Famous Johnsons Discography

Beautiful Music From Ugly Places

Hitchhiking is Overrated

The Singles



World Famous Johnsons (WFJ) are an original indie rock band founded by guitar player Julian Anderson (1963 - 2012) from Dogs of Pleasure. The current WFJ lineup features Matthew Johnson on lead guitar/vocals formerly of Great White, Scott Parker on bass/vocals, Shane Delray on guitar/vocals, Scooter Kennedy on guitar, Justin Conant on vocals, and Jimmy D on drums. WFJ have also featured Jimmy Strickler, Ace Johnson, Kenny Swagger, Mike Crisler and Donnie Crisp on recorded material. After the release of the full length CD "Hitchhiking is Overrated" at the Gothic Theatre on December 1st 2012 and numerous shows, the World Famous Johnsons are now in the studio recording more musical works including Mary's Ghost and Long Way Gone. The first recorded song "All Ready Dead" is available for ree download and new releases are set for the future! The World Famous Johnsons as a collective have shared the stage with multiple national touring bands and artists including Jack Russell's Great White, George Lynch, Zakk Wylde, XYZ, Lola Black, Saigon Kick, Love/Hate, I Mother Earth, Nuclear Assault, Omen, Mind Bomb, Tracii Guns, Phil Lewis, L.A. GUNS, Lizzy Borden and many more... RULA BULA!! WFJ

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