World Beneath World

World Beneath World


Aggressive, powerful and loud with powerful harmonies. Classic, bombastic metal in the style of Sabbath, CoC, AIC, and Down, with hints of Pantera and Soundgarden thrown in for good measure. Melodic brutality served without pretense. HORNS UP!


World Beneath World is an all-original heavy metal band from Texas that will release its first album in early 2010. They have released their first single, "Lake Of Fire," and it is available for purchase on ITunes and Amazon, worldwide.

They bring together years of experience and a ferocious songwriting attitude that is conveyed in their music. They are uncompromising and they are the real deal. They were raised on Sabbath, played with the likes of Pantera, and they deliver fierce metal in the style of their predecessors in the doom genre.


First single, "Lake Of Fire," produced by World Beneath World and David Dickinson, recorded at Boiler Room Studios, Austin, TX, available worldwide. Forthcoming self-titled EP releases in late April, 2010

Set List

Lake Of Fire
Make Me Well
Over The Wall
White Man