World Class Thugs

World Class Thugs



World Class Thugs is a band that brings many different sounds to the table and doesn't stick to one particular style. We run the gamut from jugbeat folk, carousel music, and roots-rock, to post-punk melodies and low desert tales of sorrow. Ultimately, the song writes itself and everyone in the band contributes his or her own angle. This approach and the overall chemistry between everyone is the main reason that the band has been around for over 6 years and continues to build an underground following. Besides guitars, drums, bass, and vocals, instruments in one show may include: tung drum, washboard, antique child's accordion, flute, bongos, keyboards, mandolin, banjo, trombone, harmonica, kazoo, and broom. Song topics include anything from rats and their rapid eye movement, unjustly imprisoned aunties, yard sales, nervous breakdowns and caffeine abuse. Gritty, manic funk and sinuous, meditative atmospheres slide effortlessly into each other; a feel-good emotional carnage the whole family can brood along to. From out of our mouths, into yours.... This multi-instrumentation helps define the depth of the music but also helps establish a


We have a LP for sale called Ameripiranha. The album is available through and is available for streaming through itunes. One of our songs, rats dream of mazes, was on asu's college radio station, 1060AM The Blaze, for several weeks.

Set List

A typical set list is about 13 songs and usually last about 45 minutes. One example might look like this:

Girls who wear glasses
Rise of the karaoke singer
Yard sale
Blue day
Work is the curse (of the drinking class)
Junkies like mama
Half cat safehouse
Help yer self
You will come to love this home
Drive thru at ramiro's