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Malmö, Skåne, Sweden | INDIE

Malmö, Skåne, Sweden | INDIE
Band World Folk


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"Deserves to be captured on cd"

The Iraqi musician and composer Jafar Hasan Aboud fled to Sweden a few years ago.
In Malmö, Hussein El-Alawi (photograper at Sydsvenskan magazine) met the music-craving musician in connection with an interview, and thereafter connected him with World Mix Orchestra. And now the result; a concert with music specially written and arranged by Jafar Hasan Aboud.
The connection is definetely a success. The Malmö-based World Mix Orchestra has the playing capacity and open-mindness, and can trot off in any direction without shaming themselves; Caribbean music suits the band just as well as the family concerts with Anki & Pytte did the other week.
When it comes to music of the Middle East, World Mix Orchestra has a strong card in it's Iranian member Reza Shayesteh, singer and instrumentalist on setar and santoor. And it was no surprise that the wind players Annika Jessen and Pär Moberg with their Balkan sentiment and many-coloured Tummel background kan give life to the sound of this music.
Now, Jafar Hasan Aboud connected original and traditional iraqi melodies and sung some of the songs translated to Swedish.
He turned out to be a true virtouso on his oud, and an animated singer, and he engaged in the concert with concentration and full passion.
The band followed Aboud, his voice and his arabian lute through slow passionate melodies and heavily pulsating tunes, played with quarter notes in an old Andalusian song, and performed difficult rhytmical patterns to the full satisfaction of Aboud.
It would be a shame if this turned out to be a one time happening. The music deserves to be recorded on cd. A big bonus with the concert was the big and evident joy of Jafar Hasan Aboud to have found sympatic playing friends, and a new musical environment up here in the North.
Touching and heartwarming to see.
Alexander Agrell
- Sydsvenskan magazine, april 2010

"Review of family concert with Anki & Pytte"

It is not often that you see such an enthusiastic and physically active audience asn when World Mix Orchestra and the duck Anki with Pytte visited the Concert hall in Växjö last sunday. Hundreds of children (and quite a few adults) gave hearty applause, clapped along, walked in a row and jumped around in the Christina Nilsson hall. Yes, they even managed to flap their wings and puch with their beaks!
The main thing about a family concets is of course that the youngest ones enjoy it, and if you should judge from all the spontaneous reactions of joy that came from the kids, they were very pleased indeed.
Especially, the rowdy, cheeky and obstinate manners of Anki the duck was appreciated. She ran around across the stage, and insisted on listenint to all the instruments that World Mix Orchestra brought along. [...] Saxophone, clarinett, bass, maraccas, drums, guitar and och setar were some of the instruments that you could hear during the afternoon. And the skilled musicians really made the big hall rock, especially during the songs where the big audience was invited to sing along. - Axel LIndhe, smålandsposten, Sweden, november 2009


WMO has no cd released as yet, one is under production.



WMO was originaly created in 2005 at the initiative of the Arts Council of Southern Sweden, as the "House band" of their biannual "World Mix festival". The idea was to bring toghether some of all the fantastic immigrant musicians living in southern Sweden and see what happened. Well, some great music happened! Since then, the band has toured a lot, particularly in Southern Sweden, but also to Poland, doing everything from regular concerts to school concerts to workshops.
In 2007, they were invited as a sort of "counterpart" to Malmo Symphony Orchestra in a project where international stars within folk and world music were invited. Since 2009, they have support from the Swedish Arts Council.
In feb 2009, they were given a large scolarship by the Swedish Arts Council together with the Iraqi composer Jafar Hasan Aboud, (one of the greatest modern composers of Iraq), who lives in Malmö. Jafar will write music for WMO, and the music was performed to great acclaim in april 2010. In 2011, they performed together with Malmö Opera Orchestra and Jafar Hasan Aboud at the Annual World Association for Youth Stage Art (Assitej) conference.