World Racketeering Squad
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World Racketeering Squad

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"What is Nerdwave?"

The tunes on What Is Nerdwave? tell stories. The band uses its knack for good, sticky chorus hooks and supports it by writing lyrics that increase the expectation and hence the payoffs for the choruses.
They also make their 80's-rock inspirations their own by injecting the Racketeers' personal obsessions and quirks, from the technosexual weirdness of "Electromagnetic Pulse" to the fanfic romance "Summer" (as in Summer Glau).
The smart construction of the songwriting enhances the modest pleasures of their playing. A few songs really pop out: "I'm Not Dead" is fast, goofy fun and "Looking for Lorelei" is expertly conceived power pop. - Big Western Flavor

"Are You Not Info-Tained?"

World Racketeering Squad weren't the most technically proficient band I saw this week, but they put on the best show. That's what counts! Guitarist Isaac Priestley is really talented, and his playing provides the necessary ballast for their goofy but clever vocal melodies. The drums are simple but effective, and bassist/singer Reed Oliver does his best on his instrument even though he started learning to play after founding the band. You'd have to be listening very hard to notice their mistakes, however, because their songs are very strong. They really emphasize what's best about the band: their sense of humor, their camaraderie, and their attention to detail. Can you become a good songwriter merely by listening extremely closely to tons and tons of good songs? I believe that you can, and WRS are a perfect test case. - Big Western Flavor


What is Nerdwave? - LP released September 2010
Talking to the Radio - EP released December 2010
All for One - EP released May 2011
The Easy Listening Sounds of World Racketeering Squad - EP released October 2011
In Squadrophonic Sound - LP to be released December 2011
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World Racketeering Squad leap to the stage with the bravado of David Lee Roth if he were the Cure playing They Might Be Giants covers. The energy and spectacle get you to sit up and take notice, get your head bopping to the catchy hooks that don’t stay stuck in your head only because the next song’s hooks push them out. A closer listen reveals the sense of humor, sometimes nerdy or satirical, sometimes dancing with word play, that underlies many of the tunes. Then WRS plays a truly poignant number, all the while maintaining the balance of musicians who take their music seriously but never themselves. They’re here to have fun and deliver the entertainment they guarantee at every show.