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World's Most Dangerous

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
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"Houston's 94.5 the Texas Buzz radio interview" - 94.5 the Texas Buzz

"Southern Fried Throwdown CD review from the Houston Press"

Here is a CD review from the Houston Press by head music writer Chris Gray.
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Tonight: World's Most Dangerous CD Release at Dan Electro's
Fri Aug 08, 2008 at 10:29:15 AM

It’s no accident this fearsome foursome of Houstonians and New Orleans expats contracts to WMD. Debut Southern Fried Throwdown rocks with the kind of two-fisted, double-barreled, metal-edged frenzy that should make the boys in ZZ Top swell with regional pride and Motorhead’s Lemmy look nervously over his shoulder.

As with other bands of its Dixie-fried ilk – Honky, Supagroup, Syrup – WMD opts to mine a limited range of subject matter, namely drink, drugs, sex and the South, but the group does have a sense of social responsibility. One song, after all, is called “Put the Cold Beer Down,” though it’s probably only so the poor bastard who's driving can hold the steering wheel – a theory supported by “Driving By Braille” (itself a worthy heir of ZZ’s “Arrested for Driving While Blind”).

WMD’s musical range is likewise limited to the deep-fried blues of “Swamp Ass” – which is not about the unfortunate crotchular chafing that happens when you take a long walk on a hot day – or the more metallic assaults of “Hoot Toot and a Shoot” or “Texneck.” Anyone who might take exception to such brazen political incorrectness probably doesn’t belong at a WMD show anyhow, and those who do will want to a copy of Southern Fried Throwdown to fill in any memory gaps that might arise. – Chris Gray

With the Trian Woodburns and Hell's Engine, 9 p.m. tonight at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar, 1031 E. 24th, 713-862-8707. - Houston Press by Chris Gray


Here is a CD review the did on us. Check out this link:

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August 8th, 2008 · 1 Comment

OH MAN OH MAN! Are you a fan of rock kissed with the wet lips of Dixie? You know, that sho’ nuff Southern stuff that mellows like mash in an oak barrel? Well our friends, you are in for a treat this here weekend. For starters, Saturday night at the Woodlands none other than Lynyrd Skynyrd is taking the stage with this generation’s most extreme Michigan-born hero of the trailer park - Kid Rock. Oh Man. He loves the troops. But, for those in the know, there’s an even more swampy happening tonight over at Danelectro’s Guitar Bar in the Heights (aka, the new Montrose) - Local channelers of the non-Billy Idol rebel yell World’s Most Dangerous are having their CD release party.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. This album cover does not invoke images of sleepy indie rock, sweaters, songs about sweaters, or being stoked that Converse are now available on sale at Target. Truth. But we enjoy going outside our comfort zone now and then, and we don’t see why you shouldn’t follow us, even if we wouldn’t have been allowed to wear their t-shirt at our high school. (All joax aside, though born in New Orleans and spending all post middle-school years of our lives in Texas, no member of The Most Extreme Party Call Me Skyline Network Staff is technically a Southerner, and therefore don’t have the cultural vittles to put up any sort of informed pro/con argument about the regional pride vs racially suggestive meaning of the Stars and Bars. We’re totally not wading into that argument. Massive cop-out complete.)

What we do know the pro/con on is this record, which is pure beer-can smashing fun, referencing the welter-weight metal of Pantera almost as equally as Texas roadhouse blues. Think of it as Whorehound with a greater amount of Southern Credibility. How much cred? To illustrate, we compared cultural references found in three songs by each of the sub-Mason Dixon rockers in town this weekend to see who came out on top. The songs used were “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyd, the Sweet Home Alabama-sampling “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock and “Texneck” by World’s Most Dangerous. Observe this chart in the style of Ira Glass:

As you can see, Lynyrd Skynyrd does come out with the most cred, in the end, edging out the other competitors only by 1) Having a Reese Witherspoon movie named after their song and 2) Being Lynyrd Skynyrd. Poor Kid Rock gets trounced, which only seems fair since he’s from the land of the Juggalos. Better luck next time Kid.

Catch World’s Most Dangerous at the CD release party tonight, August 8th at Danelectro’s Guitar Bar. Also on the bill are Train Woodburns and Hell’s Engines. -

"World's Most Dangerous returns to Louisiana"

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Special to
Published: Jul 3, 2008 - UPDATED: 12:05 a.m.

With two of its members hailing from Louisiana, it’s little wonder Houston-based band World’s Most Dangerous is excited to perform at Baton Rouge’s North Gate Tavern Thursday, July 3.

Band member Jeremy Golden, who plays guitar and is the group’s lead singer, is a former New Orleans resident, and drummer Ash Hendley used to call Baton Rouge home.

“We started the band shortly after Hurricane Katrina,” Hendley said. “When I lived in New Orleans, I was in a band called Each Sold Separately, and we actually had our CD release party booked at the House of Blues the night we had to evacuate for Hurricane Katrina, so that never happened.

“I work at Guitar Center, and after Hurricane Katrina, I was offered a transfer to the Houston store,” he said. “I made friends with some guys I work with, and we started jamming together as an instrumental band.”

After some time, the band added Golden as their lead vocalist. World’s Most Dangerous now includes members Hendley, Golden, John Bonin (guitar, backing vocals) and Adam Hagan (bass). Now solidified, the band has completed its debut full-length album, titled “Southern Fried Throwdown,” which they will release in the weeks after the North Gate Tavern show.

“We’ve been recording it for two years now,” Hendley said. “The album was actually done a year ago, but we added new tracks to it.”

World’s Most Dangerous is Southern rock, and it fuses elements of rock, blues and metal. Hendley admitted this was not the band’s original sound, and that the evolution of their music is partially the reason for adding new tracks to the album.

“Within the past year the band’s sound evolved more,” he said. “When we first started, the music was a little edgier, and it was more metal than Southern rock. As we played more and matured more, we just got a more defined sound.”

As for their message, World’s Most Dangerous has a simple one – have a good time.

“We don’t really have a message in our music. It’s all about good times,” Hendley said. “We like to party and have a good time. They’re all songs about drinking, hanging out and partying.”

Everything about World’s Most Dangerous, from their style of music to the way they handle the business aspect, is a different experience for Hendley from his former band.

“In Each Sold Separately we were being shopped around, and it was like a business,” Hendley admitted. “It was always fun and a good time, but it was more of a business. With this band it’s more of playing to have fun. We’re taking that approach and it’s actually making it a lot easier. We’re not trying to get on the radio, but things are falling in our lap, and we’re just rolling with the punches.”

Make no mistake, World’s Most Dangerous is not totally without a plan. They will complete a regional tour in July and an East Coast tour in the fall.

All of the band’s members working at the same place might prove difficult if Guitar Center didn’t have an incentive program for aspiring musicians that makes things a bit easier than the average job.

“Within the last year and a half the Guitar Center rolled out the GAIN program, and it’s really helped us out,” Hendley said. “The program allows us to take three months out of the year off to tour and pursue our musical interests.

“There are hundreds of benefits,” he added. “We get extra discounts on gear on top of our normal discount. GAIN has partnerships with rental car companies, so you can get a discount for a van rental, and they have a partnership with the Warped tour.”

There are certainly many more benefits to the GAIN program, and World’s Most Dangerous is taking advantage of as many of them as possible.

To learn more about World’s Most Dangerous visit

- The Advocate in Baton Rouge LA by Samantha Morgan

"Worlds Most Dangerous"

It is from the Charleston City Paper in Charleston SC.

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Music Board
Staff Pick Worlds Most Dangerous
Sat., July 12.
On a vicious rocker like "Hoot, Toot, and a Shoot" — off their new album Southern Fried Throwdown —Houston-based four-piece Worlds Most Dangerous demonstrate the tuff 'n' ruff vibe that's made the band so popular among beer-chuggin' lunkheads and rock fans across the Lone Star state and Gulf Coast. Lead singer/guitarist Jeremy Golden, guitarist John Bonin, bassist Adam Hagen, and drummer Ash Hendley are all about the rough-riff metal of Pantera, Motörhead, and White Zombie, smashed with the kranked-blues Southern rock of Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet, and Skynyrd. "Born out of the belly of Hurricane Katrina," the band celebrates their New Orleans heritage on the clever album cover of their new one with the Fleur de Lis, replacing the stars on the Confederate Battle Flag. Holler out for "Whiskey Dick." —T. Ballard Lesemann
$5, - Charleston City Paper


Southern Fried Throwdown, the debut full length release from World's Most Dangerous is now available and can be purchased through the band's myspace page: and through iTunes @



Born out of the belly of Hurricane Katrina, the sounds of the Crescent and Bayou Cities collided, forming the foundation of the WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS. With an allstar lineup the boys took their unique flavor of southern rock, blues, and punk to the masses along the Gulfcoast. Known for their explosive live shows and "life of the party" atmosphere, the boys from the South continue to represent hard rock-n-roll. With your help they will dominate the world.

Southern Fried Throwdown, the band's debut full length CD is now available through the band's myspace page & online stores and a regional tour will follow. The band is also seeking management and label interests.