World War Entertainment

World War Entertainment

 Pittsburg, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

World War Entertainment Consist of "Hardworking" youngsters dedicated to turning the fantasy world of music into a reality. We perform solo's as well as group sets. Our artist are capable of holding there on independent but with all of us in the same venue its like the wild fires out in Cali!


We Started Right Here In Pittsburg, TX In 2003 & We Still Here! The "Nawf East Texas Ballaz" Is A Diverse Group Of Artist Built Upon The Moral Standards of Go Hard Or Go Home, We've Been Recording Out The Closet For Over Half A Decade And We Are Still On It Strong. With Productions From The Military Minded Soldiers ; Lil' Pooh & Ruff Tyme The "Major" World War Entertainment Is Looking Up For The Future. We Started Recording Cover Songs & Various New School Hip-Hop Recordings, when we realized how diverse our chemistry was as a whole. We started The Label & Swarmed The Streets & The Internet With Country Rap Tunes That Are Recited All Over The Globe! We Made Our Name A Household Name In Many Homes Around The Planet..& We Plan On Being Discussed in A Family Room Near You!


Nawf East Texas Ballaz-Wreckin' In The Booth Vol. 1
Nawf East Texas Ballas-Play Time Is Over
Lil' Pooh-Winnie The Who?
Lil' Pooh-Get With Me
Lil' Pooh-The Young Phenomenon
Dj Twanks & Lil' Pooh-Comin' 2 Collect Vol. 1
Nawf East Texas Ballaz-Show The Kit Off EP

Set List

Comin' Down, Custom Tall Tees, Jabose, Welcome To Da Souf

Typical Set Usually Ranges From 15 to 30 minutes. We Do Peform COver songs depending on whether or not we are promoting mixtapes at the time being.