World War IX

World War IX


"WWIX is a little like a drunken orangutan with a NYC teaching license—delivering a careful message, but all too happy to tear off your arms and beat you with them" - Al Constant, East Valley Tribune


New York City's World War IX began as an idea looking for a home in 2002. Jon (drums) and Justin (guitar) go way back as friends, as do Annick (bass) and Max Strum (vox). Playing rattling old school punk reminicent of Black Flag, The Ramones and the Circle Jerks, WWIX immediately began blowing minds with their live shows, catching the attention of punk rock icons like Maximum Rock & Roll's Mykel Board, who called them "my favorite NYC band." In 2004/05 WWIX recieved national recognition outside of the 5 boroughs with the release of the awesome and critically acclaimed LP "Panic Attack" (ELIS EIL Records, 2004), enabling the rest of the country to discover what NYC icon/ Pussy Magazine editor P5! meant when she stated, "you can breathe a sigh of relief that someone out there remembers what REAL punk rock is all about! Long live WWIX! Fuck yea!"


LP - Panic Attack; ELIS EIL Records; 2004
Single - 'When a Good Time Turns to Shit'; ELIS EIL Records; 2005
Single - 'Live at the Continental'; ELIS EIL Records; 2005

National Radio Airplay:(Panic Attack, 2004)

Set List

Typical Set 45 min-1 hr. Enough material for 90 minutes