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San Antonio, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

San Antonio, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Hip Hop Soul


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San Antonio, Texas, USA



Since SXSW was founded as a discovery festival, it’s important not to overlook the up-and-comers. Here are a few picks for this year’s breakout hip-hop artists from those in the know.

Worldwide: Lyrically and vibe-wise he’s just like a classic rapper, a golden era Southern rapper. - Austin360

Maaaaan I missed this as I was outside with the California Kid (see below) but this really went down! And the video looks so dope. A great look at what went down in Corpus Christi on the last night of the Red Bull Skooled Tour. You don't hear a lot about Corpus musically, but shit, DJ Dus and FANG! and all them down there have got it goin' on for real. The scene is dope, the downtown is dope, the people are great. I need to go to Corpus more often, and this is reminding me of that fact. Word to the House of Rock. I need to get back there ASAP! - Pushermania

Also added to the bill is a killer showcase of Texas talent curated by Pushermania's Matt Sonzala. Mixtape master Doughbeezy, the self-proclaimed South East Beast and one of the biggest breakout artists to come out of Houston in the past couple years leads a lineup that also includes excellent Dallas artists AD.d+ and emerging San Antonio superstar Worldwide. - Austin360

Hailing from a small town outside of San Antonio, TX named Schertz, TX, is S.Miller of the independent label, Klassik Parque. Miller releases a brand new record featuring the premiere southern female lyricist, Rapsody, and San Antone emcee Worldwide. - Fresh Prince of the ATX

As The World Turns was a mixtape I was handed in SXSW that I never listened too. I actually struggled searched for the project on google because I was determined to check out the tape from Worldwide, the shining star out of San Antonio. I finally found it, spun it, and it was great. So when I heard the kid was dropping a new mixtape, I couldn’t wait. Gas Money dropped and I knew it was dope once I heard Same Thang and then I get to see him perform it at A3C. This is a must download. - The Tears of Orphans

The second showcase announced on today's episode of Tha Fixx Radio will be hosted by Optimo Radio - an online radio stream based in Houston, Texas that plays the best of the Texas underground rap scene. The radio channel was founded in 2010 by Optimo Ram and has since received multiple awards and nominations - including Best Internet Radio Station in Houston by the Houston Press. Optimo Radio's SXSW 2014 lineup includes Worldwide, the legendary E.S.G., and more. Catch their showcase on Saturday, March 15th at 512 Rooftop. -

XXL will be celebrating the release of the April 2012 Freshmen cover and will concurrently be kicking off its Freshmen Live concert series with a special show at Austin, Texas’s Transmission Warehouse for South by Southwest next week (March 13). The show will feature 2011 freshman Kendrick Lamar as a headliner, while 2012 freshmen, Danny Brown, Hopsin and Future will be the concert’s openers. A crop of former freshmen, including K. Dot, Wale, B.o.B and Big Sean, will then headline five subsequent dates in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York, with this year’s crop as supporting acts. - XXL

In addition to headliner Twista, King Louie, GLC and Mikkey Halsted will represent the Midwest in the Taste of Chicago showcase presented by Xtreme Promo and Fake Shore Drive. Taste of Chicago also features YP, Mush Millions, Fresh, Squart and others. Continuing to showcase regional Hip Hop sounds, A3C’s Texas showcase presented by Pushamania includes Paul Wall, Killa Kyleon, A.Dd+, The Niceguys, League of Extraordinary Gz, Doughbeezy, Kydd and Worldwide. - A3C Festival Blog

For the unofficial but very official, “DJ Screw Memorial Day” on June 27, some Houston rap legends and young leaning lions celebrated for a very special episode of Boiler Room. In honor of the occasion, Passion of the Weiss is premiering the recorded footage — featuring commentary from two preeminent Screwston rap scholars: MobbDeen and Shea Serrano. They wrote this without access to air conditioning or the finest in bottled medical opiates. You can pre-order your copy of Bun B’s Jumbo Rap Coloring Book as a thank you.

Deen: Worldwide210: Nice lil variety of flows here, but I bet Shea is only making us write about this guy because he’s from San Antonio. Get over that NBA Finals loss, loser.
Shea: Affirmative. Worldwide is dope and Worldwide is from San Antonio, which was a thing I’d previously not considered possible. I’m rooting for him extra hard. And I will forever cry over 2013, same as I do for every single year the Spurs didn’t win the championship. Don’t you worry about that, Mobb. You just call me when Nigeria gets a basketball team. - Passionweiss

My sound: Country rap tunes
On SXSW: “It means a lot to me,” says Worldwide. “It’s inspiring to see how far I have come in my music journey and it feels great to share it with a larger scale audience at events like SXSW.”
On San Antonio: “San Antonio for sure influences my music,” says Kaler, who’s lived here since he was 2. “It’s who I am and what I stand for.” - San Antonio Magazine

That "follow your dream" thing isn't bad advice. The problem isn't in the dreaming. The problem is in the following.

"I think I can make something happen. But I can't just sit at home and make something happen," said Michael Parker.

Parker, 26, is making something happen in the hip-hop world as Worldwide. The Los Angeles-born, San Antonio-based rapper, producer and singer started earning recognition outside the 210 area code back in February, when he was invited to join the Red Bull Skooled Tour, a multicity jaunt that featured veteran performers working with newcomers.

"I got on that tour thanks to Matt Sonzala (an Austin-based hip-hop promoter/spark plug) and Scuba (former San Antonio resident Steve "DJ Scuba Gooding" Balser, who now works for Red Bull). They had the idea of getting the older guys and the younger guys together. I learned about stage presence on that tour, and I got a lot of stage experience."

Worldwide got interested in making music the way most people do: by listening to music made by others.

"I was sitting at home listening to CDs, but when I saw local acts like PKO that were making music right here, it made it more real," he said. "The people who make the CDs seemed like superheroes. When you see people from your city doing it, it's real.

"I would rap at home. It came real naturally to me. By the time I was in sixth grade, I could freestyle. But I had to sit down and learn how to make a song. The first recording I made was on a karaoke machine. That's how I honed my craft."

When he was in his mid-teens, Worldwide started doing live shows.

"I describe my style as country rap," he said. "Pimp C coined that phrase. I would say I'm a hip-hop artist. I produce. I sing on my albums. I feel like I can do whatever. But being on the mike is my No. 1 passion."

Worldwide's latest release is "As the World Turns." On the 12-track disc, he works with an extended music family, the Timeless Crew: A-Train, Danja, KP the Profit, Trey K and Beast plus others, including Throwed Mind, J Jones, Murk Russell and Sic Vic.

"It's a well-oiled machine," Worldwide said, laughing. "My writing process is the mood I'm in. I try not to push anything out that's not in me. 'As the World Turns' was personal. I have songs like 'Bout That,' about what's really going on in my mind."

Worldwide and the crew are at work on a new disc, "Gas Money." It might well include a few words about the Rittz Revival tour that, in July, took rapper Rittz and his friends, including Worldwide, out West with stops at the Viper Room in Los Angeles, LVCS in Las Vegas and Zebra Cocktail Lounge in Bozeman, Mont.

"On that tour I learned more about what I didn't want to deal with," Worldwide said, laughing again. "On the Red Bull tour, somebody else booked hotel rooms, and we had a bus. On this tour, we got in the truck, and we drove. We booked our own rooms, we drove 12 hours and got right onstage, and we got back in the truck and drove some more. I learned about the grind.

"The most surprising thing about that tour is I realized everybody is the same. I got nervous when we pulled into California. 'Will they like us?' We got onstage, and they loved us. … We pull into a bar in Montana, and it was the biggest, rowdiest crowd we had. And I got to drive through mountains and see lakes that were so clear you could see the fish on the bottom. I felt like the hick guy, but I got to see a bunch of stuff and deal with the whole hustle and bustle. It never got old to me because every crowd had a different reaction."

For Worldwide, building a career is a step-by-step, goal-by-goal process. The Red Bull Skooled tour was one goal. He worked South by Southwest this year, another goal achieved. The Rittz tour was a goal. In October, Worldwide will travel to Atlanta to perform at the A3C Hip Hop Festival.

"I'm always finding out about new stuff that we need to be part of. I'll be on the road, and people will say they didn't know people in San Antonio rapped," he said. "I tell people here I rap and they say, 'What else do you do?' When you go other places, you get attention from other people and people in San Antonio will recognize you." - mySA (San Antonio News-Express)

This San Antonio native is a sponge of influence and charisma on his solo debut As The World Turns, a Paul Simon-sampling album that finds the Kydd and League of Extraordinary G'z affiliate taking on more looks than Lupe Fiasco. Hook up "Party Music" and Worldwide's the cock of the walk. Slow the whip and he's smooth as a plush leather Cadillac ("On the Road"). Hit him with UGK grease ("Bout That") and he's cold-blooded, spitting streetwise wisdom with Pimp C gusto. Best is when he's slightly smoked out, like when he's doubling up a dexterous flow as fluid as Nas' "One Mic" on "Body Language" or "Just Float" ("I'm pretty obvious/Search for my section in the club/Look for the cloudiest"), where he hooks up Curren$y stank on a dead ringer for Ski Beatz's production. - Austin Chronicle

Worldwide Live at A3C #RedBullSoundstage
This was so amazing to see and be a part of. #Timeless - AustinSurreal

My Partna Ernie shot me this video he directed today, Kydd from the LNS Crew outta ATX and my homie @WorldWide210 reppin that San Antone. This is a dope video, filmed well, great concept and dope ass song! Yall check it out!! If It Ain’t Local, It Ain’t Live!! - OptimoRadio

A Lone Star State buzzmaker with his eye on global renown, Booth newcomer Worldwide gives us an idea of what he’s all about on the current single off his As the World Turns LP. On Bout That, Greg G.‘s slow-rolling street boardwork bangs in the back as the up-and-coming rhymesayer waxes poetic about bad b*tches, quality kush and fast living. Like what you’re hearing? More bangers await on Worldwide’s As the World Turns LP, released in February and out now online. - DJBooth

At its core hip-hop was always about telling the stories of people whose voices weren’t being heard - at its core hip-hop sounds like Worldwide‘s Untitled (Ending Cycle). Directed by Grind Life Films, the Texas emcee’s new video is an unflinching look at Worldwide’s world view driven by a somber Mark Russ beat that’s tailor made for some serious lyrical contemplation. Thankfully, the Bout That rapper responds on the mic, throwing down some old school references (”Life’s a Sam Cooke hook, it’s been a long time coming...”) before closing out the festivities with an even more passionate outro section. For more gimmick-free rap from Worldwide, be sure to check out his previously released As the World Turns album, check for his Wuddup track with DJBooth favorite Rittz, and look out for him performing at this October’s A3C festival. - DJBooth

Red Bull Skooled brought together five up-and-comers in the Texas rap industry (A.Dd+, The Niceguys, Worldwide, Kydd Jones and DJ Sober) with legends in the game (Bun B, Mannie Fresh, Paul Wall, Cold Chris, Michael 5000 Watts, Chingo Bling, and Nancy Byron) for a six-city tour across the Lone Star State.

On the road, between cities, these legends turned mentors “skooled” their “pupils” on how to stay relevant, how to market yourself, tape distribution strategies, and much more. - ThaFixx

On the just-wrapped Red Bull Skooled tour, four up-and-coming Texas rap acts and a DJ toured the state and were joined along the way by iconic Lone Star State mentors Bun B, Michael 5000 Watts, Cold Cris, Chingo Bling, and Paul Wall, as well as Texas transplants Mannie Fresh and publicist extraordinaire Nancy Byron. Each act brings a distinct sound and style to the table. Here’s an overview of the next crop of top-tier rap talent coming from the Texas.

Favorite Artist Right Now: “Andre 3000. He’s so lyrical and he’s not afraid to just be himself.”

On Rotation In Your iPod: “There’s a lot of Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T., my stuff. Kendrick and K.R.I.T. are representing the new.”

What They Sound Like: “In the words of Pimp C, it’s country rap tunes. I like to be conscious with it and do everything, but to sum it up, it’s country rap tunes.”

Whose Career Do You Admire: “Bun B because he’s able to stay so relevant. If you’re the newest cat rapping right now, Bun B is willing to reach out to you. Bar for bar, he’s with everybody that’s rapping right now. He’s got the longevity and has been able to sustain it without being on TV and on the radio all the time. He can just show up and you’re going to go because it’s Bun B.”

What Is Your Goal: “I want to have sustained success with music. It’s a passion for me. I want to be able to feed my family off it and make this my career.” - Red Bull

Tonight's Santos Party House show sees rappers from Houston, Austin and San Antonio on the bill: Doughbreezy, KYDD, League of Extraordinary Gz, World Wide, Grit Boys and more. - Village Voice

Red Bull recently announced that some Texas’ finest will take part in Red Bull’s Skooled Tour, a music mentorship program geared towards teaching young artists how to succeed in the music business.
Bun B, Mannie Fresh, Paul Wall, Cold Chris, Michael 5000 Watts, Chingo Bling, and Hip-Hop PR guru Nancy Byron have been selected as mentors throughout the tour, which aims to “skool” some of Texas’ top indie rap groups.

Artists slated to represent Texas’ independent movement are A.Dd+ (Dallas), The Niceguys (Houston), Worldwide (San Antonio), Kydd Jones (Austin) and DJ Sober (Dallas).

The groups will hit the road on a six-city promotional tour through Texas, starting February 1st in Houston.
The up-and-comers will be mentored on how to succeed in the music business by some of Texas’ best known artists.

“I have been working hard to keep a spotlight on up-and-coming Texas artists since moving to Houston from L.A. Six years ago,” Nancy Byron of OGPR said of her role in the mentorship program. “It’s an honor to be chosen as the PR/marketing mentor on this program and I look forward to sharing my insight with this impressive line-up of newcomers.”

Throughout the experience, the up and comers will spend days on the road, to learn “lessons” about the rap industry. - AllHipHop

As the World Turns is the debut album from Worldwide, an artist and producer who has shared stages with Bun B, Chamillionaire and Kendrick Lamar among many others and recently dropped single “Waddup” featuring Rittz which is available on iTunes. The success of album As the World Turns has laid the foundation for an 11 city tour happening in July.

Despite the lack of hip hop coming out of his small hometown of San Antonio, TX, with a name like Worldwide it’s no surprise his music is making an impression on hip hop culture that extends well beyond his city limits. A true artist, Worldwide‘s music production is timeless with beats that are laid back and very Southern, and through his storytelling style of lyrical delivery, his goal is for his audience to feel like they know him personally.

Featured tracks on As the World Turns include “Bout That” which quickly became a fan-favorite with its upbeat tempo and catchy hook: “That life? I’m Bout That”. “On The Road” where Worldwide paid homage to tour life, dropping the song on the first day of the Red Bull Skooled Tour that he participated in earlier this year. - HipHop Press

First of all I’m upset that I had to buy this junt just to post it on my site! Now that I got that off my chest, this shit bang sumn serious! Apparently so considering I went to such lengths just to share it wit yall! This shit cost me 99cents, Enjoy! P.S. Worldwide, FWM! - DiamondzNwood

German producer Heartbeatz provides a mellow and melancholically lush soundscape for Sertified’s extended analogy of a girl to a drug habit. In keeping with the theme he establishes the same sense of wistful destruction present in a true addicts detailing of said addiction. The soulful singing complements the overall old school Caddy floating vibe of the song. - Original Mattress Blog

If you’re really trying to ride out to some smooth music, this new Le$ track is it. Featuring Worldwide, Rob Bass and Easy Lee, “Hindsight” packs a mean saxophone as the backdrop to this funky, jazzed out beat, as L-E-Dolla let’s them know how he sees things from his view. His new mixtape The Struggle Continues drops this week. - OnSmash

Billed as a who's who of Texas' underground rap scene, the undercard to the almighty Mannie Fresh played out as so: opener Worldwide from San Antonio coasted through a pretty Southern traditionalist style set, ripping through bouncy, bass tinged production with the slight hunger of an early 8Ball. I wanted a CD, never got one. Dammit. - Houston Press

Produced by TrakkSounds, off the Intervention Episode 2 compilation, due out March 4th. Features Worldwide, Delorean, Roosh Williams & Scotty ATL. - NahRight

Taking some pretty smart cues, Worldwide & Tony Stacks used their time in NYC earlier this month to shot a video for the middle finger flipping "On My Momma". Trust us, the Big Apple hasn't seen this much San Antonio domination since Tim Duncan and David Robinson won the Spurs their first title back in '99. There's a cameo appearance from Doughbeezy who flaunts a Texas flag not just for the hell of it but to signify what most of us already know - the entire state is about to come for everything musically. And America need be warned. - DayAndADream


Still working on that hot first release.



Worldwide first gained infamy in the Texas hip-hop scene touring and recording with San Antonio rap group 3rd Degree. In February 2012 he participated in a Red Bull sponsored tour of Texas featuring up-and-coming artists from the state such as A.Dd+ and Kydd Jones. Worldwide opened for the Official XXL Freshmen Showcase for SXSW 2012, the StubHub Live Showcase with Big KRIT for SXSW 2013, was a performing artist for A3C 2012 & 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia and also performed at the Boiler Room Houston RapLife Showcase. He toured nationally alongside Rittz in 2012, then toured nationally with Doughbeezy & Killa Kyleon in 2013. He released two projects in 2012, "As the World Turns" and "Ga$ Money." In 2014, Worldwide performed at the Optimo Radio Official SXSW Showcase (coheadlining with Houston rap legends such as E.S.G. and K-Rino) and coheadlined the Pushermania Texas Showcase at Austin's Weird City Festival with Doughbeezy, A.Dd+ & the LOEGz. He is currently planning to release his new album, "Castles Made of Sand," in fall 2014.